Special Sessions

The IEEE-ITSC 2023 Program will include Special Sessions, Regular Sessions, Workshop Sessions and Plenary Sessions.

List of Approved Special Sessions

  • Approved Special Sessions are presented in the table below
  • We encourage authors to consider submitting their manuscripts to a Special Session when possible, instead of to a Regular Session, to ensure that their research topic will attract the maximum audience. Authors can submit their manuscripts to a special session of their choice even if their manuscript was not listed in the initial special session proposal submission.
  • Please contact the Special Sessions Chair, if you wish to obtain any additional information.
  • Contributions to Special Sessions will be accepted via Papercept (its.papercept.net), using the code shown in the table below. 
  • Missing codes and special session documentation links will be updated in the forthcoming days.
SS01w7r4aSafe-Critical Scenario Understanding in Intelligent Transportation Systems (SCSU-ITS)Dr. Jianwu Fang
SS02fr32dExploring the application of quantum technologies to transportation, logistics and vehicle routing (Quantum – ITS)Dr. Eneko Osaba
SS03h6qqfEmerging data science for achieving zero fatality on roadwaysDr. Shauna Hallmark
SS0426uf9Aviation Systems Intelligent Computational ModelsDr. Antonio Crespo
SS05a16f7Advanced Traffic and Network ManagementDr. Gregor Papa
SS06r2gxn7th Special Session on Intelligent Public TransportDr. Konstantinos Gkiotsalitis
SS076u4n4New Technological Trends in Shared Mobility SystemsDr. Mingming Liu
SS086v9p4Verification and Validation of Autonomous Driving functions, and Key Enabling technologiesDr. Oihana Otaegui
SS0965h2nArtificial intelligence (AI)-driven last-mile logisticsDr. Yingjie Fan
SS104t11nEmerging methods for modeling and managing transportation systems in the flexible work eraDr. Xiaotong Guo
SS11mnp14Advances in Urban Traffic Control: Theory and PracticeDr. Elena Sofronova
SS1246ea6Global Advances and Future of Testbeds on Automated Connected & Electrical(ACE) VehiclesDr. Tom Shi
SS13ibwfyEnabling the Future of Air Traffic Management: A Perspective from AI technology and Advanced Control and OptimizationDr. Yicheng Zhang
SS14f88wwActionable and Trustworthy AI for Intelligent Transportation SystemsDr. Javier Del Ser
SS1561f5cTraffic Control and Connected Autonomous Vehicles: benefits for efficiency, safety and beyond Dr. Stefania Santini
SS16vc674 Cooperative Driving in Mixed Traffic (ITSC 2023)Dr. Ziran Wang
SS172f7maMobility-as-a-Service: managing cyber security risks for a seamless smart connectivityDr. Nazmiye Balta-Ozkan
SS18kaf7gLearning-powered Prediction and Decision-making for Autonomous DrivingDr. Chen Lyu
SS19bf3p6Motion Comfort in Automated DrivingDr. Georgios Papaioannou
SS20n7958Autonomous driving Map and Positioning TechnologyDr. Mengmeng Yang
SS21mq26fIntegration of UAS in the future smart city for mobilityDr. Emmanouil (Manos) Barmpounakis
SS229nqu1Simulation Verification of Autonomous Driving TechnologiesDr. Panagiotis Angeloudis
SS23tu15mAI empowered technology for Vulnerable Road UsersDr. Hyoshin Park
SS25u44w9 Leveraging Data in Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) enabled by Edge and Cloud Dr. Gorka Vélez
SS261m629Co-Design and Coordination of Future Mobility SystemsDr. Gioele Zardini
SS2798ku2Control, Communication and Emerging Technologies in Smart Rail SystemsDr. Li Zhu
SS28efkwbDeep Neural Networks for Traffic ForecastingDr. Weiwei Jiang
SS299ng17Decision Recommendation and Decision Intelligence for ITSHongxia Zhao
SS30bj773Intelligent Sensing for ITSYu Shen
SS315664pSocial Transportation: Towards Smart Mobility in Cyber-Physical-Social SpacesHua Zhang