Paper presentation

Authors of accepted papers will be asked to present their work during ITSC 2023. Two different presentation modes will be scheduled in the conference program:

  1. An oral presentation of their work to the audience.
  2. A poster presentation, fostering a higher degree of interaction between the authors and the rest of attendees.

In the detailed conference program, each author can check the presentation mode (oral or poster presentation) selected for their work.  

Please follow these instructions while preparing the presentation of your paper:

Oral presentations:

  1.  The slot for each presentation is 10 minutes + 4 minutes (Q&A) + 1 minute (shift). A session chair will be assigned to coordinate the session and ensure that these time limits are fulfilled.
  2. While preparing your power point slides please note that the projection screens are all in 16:9 ratio. If the presentation is designed in 4:3 ratio, it can be displayed but at the risk of image distorsion.
  3. Bring either your laptop or an USB for plugging into the existing laptop in the session room (equipped with Microsoft Windows, a PDF viewer and Powerpoint).
  4. If you wish to use your own laptop, please make sure that it is equipped with a HDMI connector
  5. If you are planning to bring your own laptop (e.g. Apple), please make sure that you have your own adapter. We the organization cannot provide any adaptors on demand.
  6. Make sure to be on time before the session starts. Arriving 5 minutes earlier is strongly advised to introduce yourself to the session chair, check that the presentation is displayed correctly, etc.

Poster presentations:

  1. Panels allow for poster sizes of max. 95 cm (width) x 191 cm (height), with a vertical orientation. No exceptions. Larger posters will not be exposed. Standard A0 (841 x 1189 mm) is highly recommended. 
  2. Poster presentations require that:
  • Posters are printed and brought by authors to the conference venue. We will not provide any printing services locally. Information about local companies capable of printing posters can be provided on demand (
  • The poster is displayed in its corresponding panel from the beginning of the day where the poster session is scheduled. We aim to attract the interest of attendees in the posters by allocating only one poster session per day. However, all posters within a session must be exposed all day long.
  • Authors of the papers presented as posters should be available and physically close to the poster: i) during the coffee breaks of the day of the conference on which the session is scheduled; and ii) in the slot dedicated to the poster session itself. Presence is mandatory during the session and optional during the coffee breaks (yet advisable).

3. Double-sided tape to stick the posters to the panels will be provided by the conference organization.

Further enquiries must be forwarded to the ITSC 2023 secretariat (