Information for authors

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the workshops/tutorials/special sessions in person or hybrid?.

All Conference Sessions will be held in person

  • What is the location of workshops/tutorials?

All Conference Sessions will be held in the Conference Venue. Particular room details will be provided once the program is defined, after the final decision on paper acceptance is made.

  • What the start/end time of the Workshop Day?

All workshops/tutorials will be held on first day of the conference Sunday September 24th. Schedule is yet to be defined, although there will be a morning slot for half day workshops, a lunch break, and an afternoon slot. Information regarding the schedule will be published shortly after the paper review process is finished.

  • I am a speaker of a workshop/tutorial, and will attend the whole conference. How can I proceed my registration?

Speakers (non-authors) have free registration to the workshops/tutorials, including coffee and lunch. Each WS/Tutorial organiser shall provide a list of the names of the organiser(s) and speakers to Workshop Chairs.

  • I only plan to attend the Workshop Day, how should I register myself?

Complete a One Day registration process in the corresponding category (organiser, speaker, author, ITSS Member) in the registration portal

  • Who have free access to the workshops/tutorials?

Workshop Organisers and Speakers (non-authors), ITSS members, who have registered themselves for the Workshop Day.

  • I have free access to the workshops/tutorials (as an organiser, a speaker (non-authors) or an ITSS member), do I still need to register for the Workshop/Tutorial?

Yes, registration is mandatory. (Without registration, one shall not get catering services. We have to know the participant number for deciding catering and room size.)

  • Does my workshop registration including Welcome Reception ticket?

Yes, the Workshop Day includes a Welcome Reception the 24th

  • Where is my workshop/tutorial/special session slotted in the program?

All sessions will be scheduled after the review process is finished. Tutorials and Workshops will all be slotted during Sunday Sept. 24th. Rest of sessions will be slotted from September 25th to 28th.

  • Will every participant receive a certificate from ITSC 2023 after the event?


  • What is the deadline for finalising the workshop/tutorial program?

Once the review process is finished, session authors will be notified and informed about the accepted papers for their session. They will have a period after that to build the session program. Programs should be submitted to organisers by July 30th.

  • Is there a possibility of my workshop being merged with another one?

Yes, this is a possibility if not enough papers are submitted/accepted for the a particular session. If this should be the case, authors and session proposers will be notified after the paper review process is finished.

Manuscript Submissions

All submissions to ITSC 2023 will be handled via the Papercept/Paperplaza platform:

A link to the Papercept entry corresponding to ITSC 2023 is already available in the above link.

Prospective authors for all types of contributions to ITSC 2023 must submit the following information via Papercept/Paperplaza:

  • Type of Submission: authors should indicate, in the manuscript submission form, whether their work corresponds to a Regular Paper, Special Session Paper, Industrial Session or Workshop Paper. To this end, codes for Special Sessions, Industrial Sessions and Workshop papers will be announced soon in the conference website.
  • Title of the manuscript.
  • Short abstract of the manuscript (<200 words).
  • PINs of ALL co-authors of the manuscript: PINs can be sought or registered HERE.
  • Keywords: 1-3 conference-specific keywords that relate to the work that is submitted.
  • Manuscript file: PDF file (version 1.4 or higher) with all fonts embedded, in US Letter page size, searchable, and with no password protection. Final papers sent to be part of the program of the conference MUST be formatted according to the instructions provided HERE (shortcuts to preparing manuscript: LaTEX support and MS-Word support).
  • The expected length of the manuscript is 6 pages. A page charge needs to be paid if your final paper is over this page limit. A maximum of 2 additional pages is allowed, but at an extra cost per page (to be announced). The maximum number of pages is 6 + 2 (with additional cost) = 8.
All papers submitted through Papercept (Workshop, Special & Industrial Session and Regular Session Papers) will be peer-reviewed. All the accepted papers, if they are presented at ITSC 2023, will be published in IEEE Xplore and eligible for the journal special issues arranged for the conference.

Please note that the submission deadline is set to May 15th, 2023.