Detailed Workshop Program

For the sake of attendance planning, the organizing committee has decided to release a detailed Workhop program. A search tool has been also made available to retrieve the details (title, authors, slot, day, session, room) of all accepted workshop papers. 

The detailed program with complete session info is published and accessible via INFOVAYA

The shortcodes 0A, 0B, …, 3A refer to the rooms of the Euskalduna Congress Hall. Please check this website for further details about them.

All sessions with papers are scheduled for the oral presentations of their assigned papers. In accordance with the presentation guidelines, the slotting for presenting each paper will be decided by Workshop authorsWe refer to the detailed instructions in this link for further details about the materials, connectors and requirements for oral and poster presentations.

The table below allows searching by author name, title or submission number to find the allocation (session, room, day and slot) of the presentation of the paper(s). 

Unless proven exceptional circumstances, no changes in the assignment of papers to slots will be allowed.

Submission NrSessionROOMDAYSLOTAuthorsTitle
1600WS015A24ALL DAYMharolkar, Sanat; Kircali, Dogan; Yang, Huan; Yang, Xun; Wang, DanweiHigh-fidelity Teleoperation for Heavy Duty and Fast-moving Vehicles
273WS023B248:00-13:00Stappen, Lukas; Dillmann, Jeremy; Striegel, Serena; Voegel, Hans Joerg; Flores-Herr, Nicolas; Schuller, BjörnIntegrating Generative Artificial Intelligence in Intelligent Vehicle Systems: A Research Agenda
827WS023B248:00-13:00Mohammad, Samir Hussein Ali; Farah, Haneen; Zgonnikov, ArkadyModeling gap acceptance in overtaking: a cognitive process approach
828WS023B248:00-13:00Li, Mengyao; Mehrotra, Shashank; Akash, Kumar; Misu, Teruhisa; Lee, JohnYou Cooperate, I Reciprocate: Well-Being and Trust in Automated Vehicles
1342WS023B248:00-13:00Dolins, SigmaUnderstanding User Acceptance of Shared Autonomous Vehicles for Potential Use in Public Transport: Insights from Focus Groups in Sweden
484WS030C248:00-16:30Vizzo, Ignacio; Mersch, Benedikt; Nunes, Lucas; Wiesmann, Louis; Guadagnino, Tiziano; Stachniss, CyrillToward Reproducible Version-Controlled Perception Platforms: Embracing Simplicity in Autonomous Vehicle Dataset Acquisition
1379WS030C248:00-16:30Mentasti, Simone; Cudrano, Paolo; Arrigoni, Stefano; Matteucci, Matteo; cheli, federicoBeyond Image-Plane-Level: A Dataset for Validating End-to-End Line Detection Algorithms for Autonomous Vehicles
1143WS060D.32414:00-19:00Gao, Xin; Luan, Tian; Li, Xueyuan; Liu, Qi; Meng, Xiaoqiang; Li, ZiruiA Human Feedback-Driven Decision-Making Method Based on Multi-Modal Deep Reinforcement Learning in Ethical Dilemma Traffic Scenarios
1501WS060D.32414:00-19:00Filipe, Francisco; Kokkinogenis, Zafeiris; d’Orey, Pedro M.; Rossetti, RosaldoCooperative, Connected and Autonomous Mobility: A Simulation Framework for Evaluation of Coordination Mechanisms
679WS073B2414:00-19:00Schumann, Julian Frederik; Srinivasan, Aravinda Ramakrishnan; Kober, Jens; Markkula, Gustav; Zgonnikov, ArkadyUsing Models Based on Cognitive Theory to Predict Human Behavior in Traffic: A Case Study
684WS073B2414:00-19:00Tee, Jia Yu; De Candido, Oliver; Utschick, Wolfgang; Geiger, PhilippOn Learning the Tail Quantiles of Driving Behavior Distributions Via Quantile Regression and Flows
1462WS073B2414:00-19:00Gremmelmaier, Helen; Hierzegger, Lukas; Mohammed Ismail, Mohammed Sohail; Zöllner, J. MariusBicyclist behavior: An overview of the features and methods of trajectory modeling.
697WS103A248:00-13:00Hürten, Christian; Weber, Thomas; Mueller, Felix; Sutanto, Jason Dhanawira; Kracht, Frederic Etienne; Schramm, DieterConcept of an Alert Management System for Remote-Controlled Inland Shipping Vessels
759WS103A248:00-13:00Donandt, Kathrin; Böttger, Karim; Söffker, DirkImproved Context-Sensitive Transformer Model for Inland Vessel Trajectory Prediction
847WS103A248:00-13:00Hohn, Maximilian; Jarofka, Maximilian; Kracht, Frederic Etienne; Schramm, DieterSmart and Green Ship: A Platform for the Development of Automation, Remote Control and Connectivity
1076WS103A248:00-13:00Hösch, Lukas; An, Xiangdong; Alonso Javier, Llorente Landero; Juan Pedro, Llerena Cana; Medina, DanielHigh Definition Mapping for Inland Waterways: Techniques, Challenges and Prospects
132WS110D.12414:00-19:00Mihalj, Tomislav; Nalic, Demin; Arefnezhad, Sadegh; Eichberger, ArnoHazards identification using scenario-based testing with respect to ISO PAS 21448 and ISO 26262
232WS110D.12414:00-19:00Han, Qingwen; Yue, Jiao; Ye, Lei; Zeng, Lingqiu; Long, Yang; Wang, YongThe Critical Scenario Extraction and Identification Method for ICV Testing
379WS110D.12414:00-19:00Kurzidem, Iwo; Burton, Simon; Schleiss, PhilippSafeSens – Uncertainty Quantification of Complex Perception Systems
841WS110D.12414:00-19:00Gu, Xinyu; Wu, Siyu; Li, Boqi; Wang, Hong; Jiao, Xiaohong; Wang, Zheng; Lu, Wei; Yu, Wenhao; Chen, Liyang; Hu, Jia; Zhao, ShulianCopula-Based Interactive Behavior Modeling for Naturalistic Test Scenarios generation
1324WS110D.12414:00-19:00He, Zimin; Zhang, Jiawei; YAO, Danya; ZHANG, Yi; PEI, HuaxinAdversarial Generation of Safety-Critical Lane-Change Scenarios for Autonomous Vehicles
1686WS110D.12414:00-19:00Jawad, Abdul; Whitehead, JimCogMod: Driver Model for Augmenting Scenario Criticality
401WS120B248:00-13:00LI, Guopeng; Jiao, Yiru; Knoop, Victor; Calvert, Simeon Craig; van Lint, HansLarge Car-Following Data Based on Lyft Level-5 Open Dataset: Following Autonomous Vehicles vs. Human-Driven Vehicles
1036WS120B248:00-13:00Yao, Xue; Calvert, Simeon Craig; Hoogendoorn, SergeIdentification of Driving Heterogeneity using Action-chains
1196WS120B248:00-13:00Gong, Hailong; Li, Zirui; Lu, Chao; Gong, JianweiTowards Online Risk Assessment for Human-robot Interaction: A Data-driven Hamilton-Jacobi-Isaacs Reachability Approach
1205WS120B248:00-13:00Wang, Han; Wu, Haochen; Lu, Juanwu; Tang, Fang; Delle Monache, Maria LauraCommunication Optimization for Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning-based Traffic Control System with Explainable Protocol
1214WS120B248:00-13:00Yuan, Henan; Li, Penghui; van Arem, Bart; Kang, Liujiang; Farah, Haneen; Dong, YongqiSafe, Efficient, Comfort, and Energy-Saving Automated Driving through Roundabout Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
1578WS120B248:00-13:00Dong, Yongqi; Datema, Tobias; Wassenaar, Vincent; van de Weg, Joris Johannes; Kopar, Cahit; Iqbal Suleman, HarimComprehensive Training and Evaluation on Deep Reinforcement Learning for Automated Driving in Various Simulated Driving Maneuvers
1622WS120B248:00-13:00Zhang, Hui; Hou, Ninghao; Ding, Naikan; Ran, Changhao; Wu, HuiyuComparative Safety and Stability Assessment of Autonomous Vehicle Lane-changing Strategies at Urban Expressway Weaving Section in Mixed Traffic
417WS140D.2248:00-13:00Lu, Jiayi; Cao, Yaoguang; Shi, Runwu; Zhang, Boao; Chen, Yuyi; Sun, Bin; Pang, Zhaowen; Zhou, Fan; Yang, ShichunAn Efficient Driver Anomaly State Detection System Based on End-Cloud Integration and Unsupervised Learning
563WS140D.2248:00-13:00Wang, Rui; Yang, Shichun; Chen, Yuyi; Shi, Runwu; Li, Zhuoyang; Lu, Jiayi; Feng, Xinjie; Yan, Xiaoyu; Zhou, Fan; Cao, YaoguangDomain Adaptive Road Perception Network of Autonomous Vehicles
599WS140D.2248:00-13:00Chen, Yuyi; Yang, Shichun; Wang, Zhiteng; nan, zhaobo; Wang, Rui; Zhou, Fan; Yan, Xiaoyu; Cao, YaoguangMEC-enabled Lane Change Prediction with Spatiotemporal Attention Mechanism for ITS
950WS140D.2248:00-13:00Zhang, Zhengjie; Wang, Mingyue; Jin, Yuntao; Sun, Yefan; Wang, Rui; Yang, ShichunResearch on Battery Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Entropy
1401WS140D.2248:00-13:00Atılgan, İrem; Guvensan, M. Amac; Turkmen, H. IremTowards Accurate Highway Road Accident Detection: Developing Deep Learning Strategies with Distant Past, Recent Past, and Adjacency Features
373WS150D.22414:00-19:00Ruwisch, Fabian; Schön, SteffenGNSS Feature Map Aided RTK Positioning in Urban Trenches
397WS150D.22414:00-19:00Bétaille, David; MEURIE, Cyril; Cocheril, YannVision- and map-based non-line-of-sight satellites hybridized processing
809WS150D.22414:00-19:00Axmann, Jeldrik; Brenner, ClausMaximum Consensus based Localization and Protection Level Estimation using Synthetic LiDAR Range Images
1348WS150D.22414:00-19:00Héry, Elwan; Xu, Philippe; BONNIFAIT, PhilippeA study of different observation models for cooperative localization in platoons
1706WS165G248:00-13:00Aranguren, Andoni; Laña, Ibai; Osaba, Eneko; Urra, SilviaIsochrone Overlapping: A Novel Approach to Mobility and Infrastructure Planning
1708WS165G248:00-13:00Delgado-Enales, Iñigo; Molina-Costa, Patricia; Del Ser, JavierSpatial Estimation of Ground-Level Temperature for Climate-Sensitive Urban Mobility Using Image-To-Image Deep Neural Networks
457WS175B24ALL DAYHuang, Feng; CHEN, Hang; Urtay, Alpamys; Su, Dongzhe; Wen, Weisong; Hsu, Li-TaRoadside Infrastructure assisted LiDAR/Inertial-based Mapping for Intelligent Vehicles in Urban Areas
710WS175B24ALL DAYHuang, Feng; Wen, Weisong; Zhang, Guohao; Su, Dongzhe; Hsu, Li-TaAdaptive Multi-Sensor Integrated Navigation System Aided by Continuous Error Map from RSU for Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Areas
897WS175B24ALL DAYZHANG, Zekun; Xu, Penghui; Zhang, Guohao; Hsu, Li-TaIntelligent GNSS Satellite Visibility Classification in Urban Areas: A Deep Learning Approach with Interpretation
912WS175B24ALL DAYAlvarez, Ignacio; Gassmann, Bernd; Dey, Shreya; Oboril, Fabian; Scholl, Kay-UlrichApplication of Responsibility-Sensitive Safety in areas with limited visibility: Occlusions in RSS
1068WS175B24ALL DAYXi, Zheng; Wen, Weisong; Hsu, Li-TaTightly-coupled Line Feature-aided Visual Inertial Localization within Lightweight 3D Prior Map for Intelligent Vehicles
1228WS175B24ALL DAYLo, Li-Yu; Li, Boyang; Wen, Chih-Yung; Chang, Ching-WeiLanding a Quadrotor on a Ground Vehicle without Exteroceptive Airborne Sensors: A Non-Robocentric Framework and Implementation
1297WS175B24ALL DAYHu, Runzhi; Wen, Weisong; Hsu, Li-TaFisheye Camera Aided GNSS NLOS Detection and Learning-based Pseudorange Bias Correction for Intelligent Vehicles in Urban Canyons
633WS183A2414:00-19:00Grétarsson, Brynjar Örn; Orfanidis, Charalampos; Marchegiani, Letizia; Fafoutis, XenofonShort-Term Wireless Connectivity Prediction for Connected Agricultural Vehicles
687WS183A2414:00-19:00Ruiz-Llata, Marta; Bonilla-Manrique, Oscar Elías; Acedo, PabloSensor for gauging road surface grip ahead of the vehicle
887WS183A2414:00-19:00EL MOUDNI, Anass; Morbidi, Fabio; Kramm, Sebastien; boutteau, remiAn Event-based Stereo 3D Mapping and Tracking Pipeline for Autonomous Vehicles
1478WS183A2414:00-19:00Su, Peng; Warg, Fredrik; CHEN, DeJiuA Simulation-Aided Approach to Safety Analysis of Learning-Enabled Components in Automated Driving Systems
177WS200D.3248:00-13:00Poibrenski, Atanas; Nozarian, Farzad; Rezaeianaran, Farzaneh; Müller, ChristianUncertainty-aware pseudo labels for domain adaptation in pedestrian trajectory prediction
527WS200D.3248:00-13:00achaji, lina; moreau, julien; Aioun, Francois; Charpillet, FrançoisAnalysis over vision-based models for pedestrian action anticipation
1676WS200D.3248:00-13:00Muktadir, Golam Md; Huang, Taorui; Ikram, Zarif; Jawad, Abdul; Whitehead, JimPedGrid – A Simple yet Expressive Simulation Environment for Pedestrian Behavior Modeling
997WS245A2717:00-18:30Bian, Jing; Chen, PengVehicle Path Reconstruction Using Automatic Vehicle Identification Data: A Bi-Directional Long Short-Term Memory-Based Approach
1060WS245A2717:00-18:30Hu, Run; Tang, Zheyi; Hu, Qinru; Na, Xiaoxiang; Angeloudis, Panagiotis; Lee, Der-Horng; Hu, SimonBi-Level Programming Approach for Optimal Charging Station Location and Traffic Assignment in Electric Autonomous Vehicle Systems
1446WS245A2717:00-18:30Deshpande, Parth; de Saxe, Christopher Charles; Ainalis, Daniel; Miles, John; CEBON, DAVIDAnalysis of Fast Charging Arrangements for Electric Heavy Goods Vehicles
1053WS250E2414:00-19:00Wang, Ding; Wang, Xuhong; Chen, Liang; Yao, Shengyue; Jing, Ming; Li, Honghai; Bao, Shiqiang; Li, Li; Wang, Fei-Yue; Lin, YilunTransWorldNG: Traffic Simulation via Foundation Model
1082WS250E2414:00-19:00Wang, Xuhong; Wang, Ding; Chen, Liang; Wang, Fei-Yue; Lin, YilunBuilding Transportation Foundation Model via Generative Graph Transformer
1405WS250E2414:00-19:00Yao, Shengyue; Yu, Jingru; Yu, Yi; Xu, Jia; Dai, Xingyuan; Li, Honghai; Wang, Fei-Yue; Lin, YilunTowards Integrated Traffic Control with Operating Decentralized Autonomous Organization
1699WS250E2414:00-19:00Dai, Xingyuan; zhang, yan; Tang, Yiqing; chen, hongrui; sun, jiaming; cong, fei; lu, yanan; Lv, YishengParallel System Based Predictive Control for Traffic Signals in Large-Scale Road Networks