Detailed Conference Program

For the sake of attendance planning, the organizing committee has decided to release a detailed conference program. A search tool has been also made available to retrieve the details (title, authors, slot, day, session, room) of all accepted papers. 

The detailed program with complete session info is published and accessible via INFOVAYA

NOTE: A detailed program for workshop papers can be found in

The shortcodes 0A, 0B, …, 5H refer to the rooms of the Euskalduna Congress Hall. Please check this website for further details about them.

All sessions (except for poster sessions) are scheduled for the oral presentations of their assigned papers. In accordance with the presentation guidelines, each oral presentation will be max. 10 minutes, 4 for Q&A and 1 minute for switching. On the other hand, posters of papers allocated to poster sessions will be exhibited to the conference attendees during the entire day on which the session is held. A slot in the evening is scheduled for authors to explain the poster and interact with the rest of attendees. We refer to the detailed instructions in this link for further details about the materials, connectors and requirements for oral and poster presentations.

The table below allows searching by author name, title or submission number to find the allocation (session, room, day and slot) of the presentation of the paper(s). 

Unless proven exceptional circumstances, no changes in the assignment of papers to slots will be allowed.

Submission NrSessionROOMDAYSLOTTRACKAuthorsTitle
1274AGP015G2710:00-11:30Accurate Global PositioningAraujo, Paulo; Noureldin, Aboelmagd; Givigi, SidneyRobust Land Vehicle Positioning with Invariant Kalman Filters and Map-Based Corrections
1634AGP015G2710:00-11:30Accurate Global Positioningvon Einem, Cornelius; Cramariuc, Andrei; Siegwart, Roland; Cadena, Cesar; Tschopp, FlorianPath-Constrained State Estimation for Rail Vehicles
1225AGP015G2710:00-11:30Accurate Global PositioningKim, Jeong-Hoon; Kong, Seung-Hyun; Sun, Min-HyeokVehicle Localization Network using Simultaneous Coarse and Fine Visual Map Matching
1188AGP015G2710:00-11:30Accurate Global PositioningYIN, Huilin; Sun, Mina; Zhang, Linchuan; Yan, Jun; Betz, JohannesGround-optimized SLAM with Hierarchical Loop Closure Detection in Large-scale Environment
399AGP015G2710:00-11:30Accurate Global PositioningMatute, Jose; Rodriguez-Arozamena, Mario; Pérez Rastelli, Joshué; Karimoddini, AliSensor Fusion-Based Localization Framework for Autonomous Vehicles in Rural Forested Environments
970AGP015G2710:00-11:30Accurate Global PositioningZhang, Liang; Chen, Pei; Zheng, Zhentan; Chen, Shitao; Zheng, NanningA Coarse-to-Fine 2D Lidar Localization based on Mento-Carlo and Iterative Closet Point
241AGP025G2711:30-13:00Accurate Global PositioningFu, Wufei; Zhuo, Guirong; Lu, Xiong; Tang, Xiao; Jia, RuohengUWB Range-Assisted Monocular Visual Localization System for Underground Parking Lots
1657AGP025G2711:30-13:00Accurate Global PositioningEndo, Yuki; Kamijo, ShunsukeSelf-Localization Error Evaluation from Map Structure based on Autocorrelation Values
975AGP025G2711:30-13:00Accurate Global PositioningWang, Shiteng; Shen, Yanqing; Zhang, Liang; Chen, Pei; Chen, Shitao; Xin, Jingmin; Zheng, NanningDirection-Based Feature Selection for Efficient LiDAR Odometry in Urban Environment
507AGP025G2711:30-13:00Accurate Global PositioningNoizet, Maxime; Xu, Philippe; BONNIFAIT, PhilippePole-based vehicle localization with vector maps: a camera-LiDAR comparative study
1042AGP025G2711:30-13:00Accurate Global PositioningBarros, Tiago; Garrote, Luis; Aleksandrov, Martin Damyanov; Premebida, Cristiano; Nunes, Urbano J.TReR: A Lightweight Transformer Re-Ranking Approach for 3D LiDAR Place Recognition
196AGP025G2711:30-13:00Accurate Global PositioningSong, Junlin; Sanchez Cuevas, Pedro; Richard, Antoine; Olivares-Mendez, MiguelGPS-aided Visual Wheel Odometry
712AGP035G2715:00-16:00Accurate Global PositioningLi, Rui; Li, Yuhang; Wang, Yafei; Zhang, Ruitao; Liu, XuleiDynamicRemover: Constructing Static Map with Object Dynamic Probability Analysis
1391AGP035G2715:00-16:00Accurate Global PositioningMartin Rodriguez, Aitor; Khademi, NaeemEvaluation Study of Inertial Positioning in Road Tunnels for Cooperative ITS Applications
589AGP035G2715:00-16:00Accurate Global PositioningWu, Zhihong; Wang, Huaide; An, Hao; Zhu, Yuan; Xu, Ruidong; Lu, KeDPC-SLAM: Discrete Plane Constrained VSLAM for Intelligent Vehicle in Road Environment
512AGP035G2715:00-16:00Accurate Global PositioningAl Hage, Joelle; Salvatico, Nicolò; BONNIFAIT, PhilippeHigh Integrity Localization of Intelligent Vehicles with Student’s T Filtering and Fault Exclusion
485ATM010C2611:00-12:00Air TransportAlatorre, Armando; Castillo, Pedro; LOZANO, RogelioControl architecture for catching a fixed-wing drone using a ground vehicle
520ATM010C2611:00-12:00Air TransportTheunissen, Mathilde; POUSSEUR, Hugo; Castillo, Pedro; Victorino, AlessandroCooperative architecture using air and ground vehicles for the search and recognition of targets
738ATM010C2611:00-12:00Air TransportLiu, Chang; Szirányi, TamásActive Wildfires Detection and Dynamic Escape Routes Planning for Humans through Cooperation between Drones and Satellites
1087ATM010C2611:00-12:00Air TransportLiang, Xinyu; Ma, XiaoliangAVIATOR: fAst Visual perceptIon and Analytics for drone-based Traffic OpeRations
659ATM020C2612:00-13:00Air TransportJohnson, Demetrius; Schall, Jonathan; Sauer, Ryan; Pellegrini, Olivia; Mottakin, Khairul; Shen, Jie; Song, ZhengDrone-Car Collaboration: An Emerging Domain for Intelligent Transportation Systems
667ATM020C2612:00-13:00Air TransportXue, Chaozhong; Dong, Yongqi; Liu, Jiaqi; Liao, Yijun; Li, LingboDesign of the Reverse Logistics System for Medical Waste Recycling Part I: System Architecture and Disposal Site Selection Algorithm
1227ATM020C2612:00-13:00Air TransportYang, Yang; Zhang, Yishan; Qian, Shengsheng; Zhang, Minghua; Cai, KaiquanTransformer based Multi-modal Memory-augmented Masked Network for Air Crisis Event Detection
181ATM020C2612:00-13:00Air TransportCao, Yue; ShangGuan, Wei; Zhang, Lu; Zha, Yuanyuan; Chai, LinguoOperation Optimization and Simulation Test of Passenger Transport System in Airport Environment
1557ATM030D2612:00-13:00Air TransportLi, Tingyu; zhang, xiang; Tang, Zihao; liu, yudieAGVS-T22: A New Mutilple Object Tracking Dataset for Airport Ground Video Surveillance
553ATM030D2612:00-13:00Air TransportSung, Minjun; Karumanchi, Sambhu Harimanas; Hiltebrandt-McIntosh, Christophe; Kim, Hunmin; Hovakimyan, NairaTackling Airspace Congestion: A Scalable and Robust Framework for End-to-End UAS Traffic Management
1612ATM030D2612:00-13:00Air TransportHui, Yi; Cai, Kaiquan; Zhang, Minghua; Qian, Shengsheng; Yang, YangATCBERT:Few-shot Intent Recognition for Air Traffic Control Instruction Understanding
198ATM030D2612:00-13:00Air TransportSu, Jiaming; Hu, Minghua; Yin, Jianan; Liu, YingliResearch on Apron Control: Traffic Complexity and Control Area Division Method
1534AVSS013B2711.30-13.00Advanced vehicle safetyZhang, Ruicong; Hu, JiaSpatial Risk Distribution: A quantitative approach for assessing hazards from space
630AVSS013B2711.30-13.00Advanced vehicle safetyYabe, Takuma; YANO, HIROAKIHaptic Interface for Proximity Object Recognition Considering Hand Structure
745AVSS013B2711.30-13.00Advanced vehicle safetyYuhas, Michael; Easwaran, ArvindCo-Design of Out-of-Distribution Detectors for Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems
875AVSS013B2711.30-13.00Advanced vehicle safetyZhao, Chengxiang; wenhao, yu; Ma, Xiaohan; ZHAO, YUZHUANG; Li, Boqi; WANG, WEIDA; Hu, Jia; Wang, Hong; Zhao, DingDigitization of Traffic Laws: Methodologies and Usage for Monitoring Driving Compliance
1374AVSS013B2711.30-13.00Advanced vehicle safetyYamada, Naoya; Honda, Kohei; Okuda, Hiroyuki; Suzuki, Tatsuya; nakahira, yorieBayesian Network-based Probabilistic Constraints for Safe Autonomous Driving in Occlusion Environments
1317AVSS023B2717.00-18.00Advanced vehicle safetyYANG, PEIWEN; Wen, WeisongTightly Joining Positioning and Control for Trustworthy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on Factor Graph Optimization in Urban Transportation
1438AVSS023B2717.00-18.00Advanced vehicle safetyTariq, Faizan M.; Isele, David; Baras, John; Bae, SangjaeRCMS: Risk-Aware Crash Mitigation System for Autonomous Vehicles
339AVSS023B2717.00-18.00Advanced vehicle safetyZipfl, Maximilian; Spickermann, Sven; Zöllner, J. MariusUtilizing Hybrid Trajectory Prediction Models to Recognize Highly Interactive Traffic Scenarios
1216AVSS023B2717.00-18.00Advanced vehicle safetyLi, Shizhen; Yang, Shuo; Wang, Liwen; Huang, YanjunSafe Reinforcement Learning for Lane-changing with comprehensive analysis of safety detection
528AVSS035A2715.00-16.30Advanced vehicle safetyQi, Yi; Dong, Yi; Khastgir, Siddartha; Jennings, Paul; Zhao, Xingyu; Huang, XiaoweiSTPA for Learning-Enabled Systems: A Survey and a New Practice
1452AVSS035A2715.00-16.30Advanced vehicle safetySöderlund, August; Jiang, Frank J.; Narri, Vandana; Alanwar, Amr; Johansson, Karl H.Data-Driven Reachability Analysis of Pedestrians Using Behavior Modes
817AVSS035A2715.00-16.30Advanced vehicle safetyWang, Zhiyong; Du, Shaoyi; Tian, ZhiqiangDomain Adaptative Driving Behavior Recognition through Skeleton-guided Domain Adversarial Learning
1136AVSS035A2715.00-16.30Advanced vehicle safetyXu, Tian; Yan, Xuerun; Zhang, Zhen; Hu, Jia; Lai, JintaoA critical scenario filter to accelerate testing for automated vehicles
298AVSS040D288.00-9.30Advanced vehicle safetyBraun, Thilo; Fuchs, Julian; Reisgys, Felix; Ries, Lennart; Plaum, Johannes; Schütt, Barbara Ulrike; Sax, EricA Review of Scenario Similarity Measures for Validation of Highly Automated Driving
1409AVSS040D288.00-9.30Advanced vehicle safetyFonseca Alexandre de Oliveira, Lucas; Bernhard, Johannes Norbert; Lars, Schories; Martin, Meywerk; Sax, EricEnhancing CARLA traffic simulation with pedestrian animation for testing perception functions in automated driving
686AVSS040D288.00-9.30Advanced vehicle safetyRamic, Amra; Kugele, StefanSimulation-based Support for Semi-automated Automotive Safety Analysis
1223AVSS040D288.00-9.30Advanced vehicle safetyLi, Erhang; Yu, Huilong; Xi, Junqiang; Corno, Matteo; Savaresi, Sergio M.Integrated LTV-MPC Collision Avoidance of Autonomous Tractor Semi-trailers in Emergency Scenarios
304AVSS040D288.00-9.30Advanced vehicle safetyYarza, Irune; Agirre, Irune; Mugarza, Imanol; Nitsche, Gregor; Uven, Patrick; Orbegozo, Juan MariaTowards a Contract-Based Definition of Update-Compatibility – Modelling Safety Integration Criteria
125AVSS040D288.00-9.30Advanced vehicle safetyRigoll, Philipp; Petersen, Patrick; Stage, Hanno; Ries, Lennart; Sax, EricFocus on the Challenges: Analysis of a User-Friendly Data Search Approach with CLIP in the Automotive Domain
438CAV010C2511.00-12.00Connected Autonomous VehicleZheng, Han; ma, xihan; Kong, WeiweiA Fast and Accurate Collision Detection Method During Automated Valet Parking for Autonomous Vehicle in Narrow Space
706CAV010C2511.00-12.00Connected Autonomous VehicleYang, Peng; Jin, Xufeng; Hu, Yonghui; Wang, Yibing; Zhao, MingmingCoordinated Control of Internal Boundaries and Signal Timing at An Isolated Intersection for Lane-free Traffic of CAVs
715CAV010C2511.00-12.00Connected Autonomous VehicleChaanine, Tommy; Ferrando, Angelo; Pasquale, Cecilia Caterina; Pastore, Vito Paolo; Sadeghi Garjan, Mahyar; Siri, SilviaA control-oriented highway traffic model with multiple clusters of CAVs
707CAV010C2511.00-12.00Connected Autonomous VehicleDavoodi, Ali; Wallace, Mark; Harabor, Daniel; Ngoduy, DongOptimal Routing for Autonomous Vehicles in a Mixed Congested Network Considering Fairness
1581CAV020C2512.00-13.00Connected Autonomous VehicleChang, Entao; Fu, Jiawei; Zong, Ziqi; Chen, Shitao; Xin, Jingmin; Zheng, NanningA Multi-Stage Trajectory Planning System for Autonomous Vehicle in Mixture Scenarios
1631CAV020C2512.00-13.00Connected Autonomous VehicleWang, Runsheng; Zhang, Songyi; Fu, Jiawei; Chen, Shitao; Xin, Jingmin; Zheng, NanningVehicle-Centered Global Path Generation for Autonomous Vehicle
1328CAV020C2512.00-13.00Connected Autonomous Vehiclechen, linbin; Liu, Yafei; Sun, Zhanbo; yang, leiPath Tracking Control for Connected Automated Vehicle Using Lateral Stability Envelope at Handling Limits
925CAV020C2512.00-13.00Connected Autonomous VehicleZhong, Yuanxin; Peng, HueiDriving with caution about fully occluded areas based on occupancy maps
394CAV030C2517.00-18.00Connected Autonomous VehicleXhoxhi, EdmirApplication-Oriented Resource Orchestration Algorithm for Connected Vehicles
432CAV030C2517.00-18.00Connected Autonomous VehicleNing, Pengfei; Wang, Hongwei; Tang, Tao; Zhu, Li; Shuomei, MaAoI-driven Cluster-based Spectrum Sharing in Internet of Construction Equipment with Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
129CAV030C2517.00-18.00Connected Autonomous VehicleSchiegg, Florian Alexander; Rueeck, Anna-Lisa; Gamerdinger, Jörg; Tchouankem, Hugues; Xhoxhi, Edmir; Volk, GeorgAccounting for the Special Role of Infrastructure-assisted Collective Perception
1439CAV030C2517.00-18.00Connected Autonomous VehicleIdoudi, Hassan; Ameli, Mostafa; nguyen-van-phu, cyril; ZARGAYOUNA, Mahdi; rachedi, abderrezakStreamlining Disaster Response: A Benchmark Study on Population Evacuation Planning with Telecommunication Network
427CAV045H2617.00-18.00Connected Autonomous VehicleZhong, Hao; Wang, Ling; MA, WanjingA Semi-Distributed Influence-Aware Clustering Algorithm for Enhancing Traffic Safety in VANETs
1099CAV045H2617.00-18.00Connected Autonomous VehicleLiu, Ziqi; Feng, Weiyang; Liu, Yu; Wang, Xiaoli; Lin, SiyuDemand-based Target Selection and Resource Trade for Parked-Vehicle Assisted Computing
25CAV045H2617.00-18.00Connected Autonomous VehicleYe, Lei; Li, Jianzhong; Zeng, Lingqiu; Han, Qingwen; Liu, Enhao3D Channel Model Parameters Optimizing For C-V2X Communication Scenarios With K-Means++ And Genetic Algorithm
820CAV045H2617.00-18.00Connected Autonomous VehicleLobo, Silas; Barbosa da Silva, Leonardo; Facchi, ChristianTo Cluster or not to Cluster: A VRU Clustering Based on V2X Communication
1519CL015G288.00-9.30Computing InfrastructureItsuji, Hiroaki; Uezono, Takumi; Toba, Tadanobu; Kundu, SubrataAn Intelligent Diagnostic Technique for Reliable Operation of Edge AI
1013CL015G288.00-9.30Computing InfrastructureLampe, Bastian; Reiher, Lennart; Zanger, Lukas; Woopen, Timo; van Kempen, Raphael; Eckstein, LutzRobotKube: Orchestrating Large-Scale Cooperative Multi-Robot Systems with Kubernetes and ROS
532POSTERHALL2615.00-16.30Poster session 2Feng, Yongwei; Hu, Jia; Zhou, Cheng; Zeng, Juncheng; Liu, Tangzhi; Wang, HaoranInfrastructure-Enabled Traffic Speed Harmonization Under Partially Connected Environment
130CL015G288.00-9.30Computing InfrastructureTong, Wei; Dong, Zesong; Li, JianInteroperability Solution for Blockchain-Based Internet of Vehicles Driven by Multiple Oracles
545CON010B288.00-9.30Simulation and ControlJing, Junbo; Jingxuan Liu, Jingxuan; Huang, Chunan; Kolaric, Patrik; qu, shen; Wang, LeiA practical MPC method for autonomous driving longitudinal dynamic control’s real-world challenges
1064CON010B288.00-9.30Simulation and ControlDang, Ni; Shi, Tao; Zhang, Zengjie; Jin, Wanxin; Leibold, Marion; Buss, MartinIdentifying Reaction-Aware Driving Styles of Stochastic Model Predictive Controlled Vehicles by Inverse Reinforcement Learning
222CON010B288.00-9.30Simulation and ControlGong, Wenwu; Huang, Zhejun; Yang, LiliLSPTD: Low-rank and spatiotemporal priors enhanced Tucker decomposition for internet traffic data imputation
1670CON010B288.00-9.30Simulation and ControlUkyo, Riki; Amano, Tatsuya; Hamada, Rizk; Yamaguchi, HirozumiPedestrian Tracking using 3D LiDARs – Case for Proximity Scenario
642CON010B288.00-9.30Simulation and ControlFayed, Lynn; Nilsson, Gustav; Geroliminis, NikolasA macroscopic modelling framework for the dynamic pricing of pool ride-splitting vehicles in bus lanes
973CON010B288.00-9.30Simulation and ControlWei, Yaxin; Ning, Haijing; Chen Rumeng, Rumeng; Xiao, Yukun; An, YishengA Novel Approach to Conflict-free Vehicle Scheduling of Unsignalized Intersection based on Heuristic Algorithm
1370CON020B2810.00-11.00Simulation and ControlCheng, Cheng; Wang, Wei; Weihong, Shi; Li, XinghuaA Lane-use and Signal Optimization Model for Mixed Traffic Isolated Intersection Considering Dedicated Autonomous Vehicle Lane and Protected Phase: A Genetic Algorithm Approach
778CON020B2810.00-11.00Simulation and ControlCheng, KenGC-INF: A Novel Adaptive Traffic Control System using Machine Learning for Turning Ratio Predictions
1311CON020B2810.00-11.00Simulation and ControlFahmy, Ahmed H.; CHAWA, Marwan; Almehio, YasserParametrizable Model for Thermal Behavior Estimation and Control of LED Automotive Headlamps using Reinforcement Learning
989CON020B2810.00-11.00Simulation and ControlKoliai, Anis; Bazeille, Stephane; Basset, Michel; Orjuela, RodolfoHow does the Definition of Tracking Errors Affect the Behavior of Vehicle Lateral Control?
606CON030B2811.00-12.30Simulation and ControlDai, Rui; Liu, Wenjun; Bing, Zhenshan; Knoll, AloisVariable Weight Model Predictive Contour Control for Autonomous Tracking Based on Reinforcement Learning and Nonlinear Disturbance Observer
1019CON030B2811.00-12.30Simulation and ControlFiedler, David; Mrkos, JanLarge-scale Ridesharing DARP Instances Based on Real Travel Demand
1575CON030B2811.00-12.30Simulation and ControlAscher, DominikModel-based Design of Integrated Transportation Systems Using Approximate Dynamic Programming
366CON030B2811.00-12.30Simulation and ControlLiu, YeCheng; chen, xu; Xu, YongxinAccelerating Model Solving for Integrated Optimization of Timetabling and Vehicle Scheduling based on Graph Convolutional Network
281CON030B2811.00-12.30Simulation and ControlLin, Shichao; Xu, Jingwen; Zheng, Chenhao; Yang, Dakai; Ruan, Sheng; Li, RuiminEffects of Dynamic User-optimal Routing on Network-level Signal Predictive Control
557CON030B2811.00-12.30Simulation and ControlLi, Xiaocan; Mercurius, Ray Coden; Taitler, Ayal; Wang, Xiaoyu; Noaeen, Mohhamad; Scott Patrick Sanner, Scott; Abdulhai, BaherPerimeter Control Using Deep Reinforcement Learning: A Model-free Approach towards Homogeneous Flow Rate Optimization
1327CTS010D2514.00-15.30Cooperative systemsZhao, Zhiguo; Li, Yong; Chen, Yunli; Zhang, Xiaoting; Tian, RuiA Spatial Alignment Framework Using Geolocation Cues for Roadside Multi-View Multi-Sensor Fusion
500CTS010D2514.00-15.30Cooperative systemsStrohbeck, Jan; Maschke, Sebastian; Mertens, Max Bastian; Buchholz, MichaelGraph-based Trajectory Prediction with Cooperative Information
1005CTS010D2514.00-15.30Cooperative systemsSaidi, lyes, saidi lyes; TALJ, Reine; Adouane, LounisOn-ramp Merging on Highway for Cooperative Automated Vehiclesbased on an Online Reconfigurable Formation Control Approach
1601CTS010D2514.00-15.30Cooperative systemsWang, ShuyuanVelocity Planning for Multi-Vehicle Systems via Distributed Optimization
1353CTS010D2514.00-15.30Cooperative systemsYang, Xinwei; Lefeber, Erjen; WU, Chaozhong; HE, Yi; Zheng, ZhiwenAdaptive Controller Design for Heterogeneous Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control System with Uncertain Vehicle Parameters
1250CTS010D2514.00-15.30Cooperative systemsNarri, Vandana; Alanwar, Amr; Mårtensson, Jonas; Norén, Christoffer; Johansson, Karl H.Shared Situational Awareness with V2X Communication and Set-membership Estimation
1074CYB013B288.00-9.30CybersecurityWang, Yuanzhe; Zhao, Chunyang; Wang, Haoyi; Zhang, Jun; Wang, DanweiSecure Localization of Autonomous Articulated Vehicles: Attack Detection and Recovery
1621CYB013B288.00-9.30CybersecurityJackson, Elanor; Sedigh Sarvestani, Sahra; King, Justin; Hurson, Ali R.Agent-Based Modeling for Analysis of Cyber Attacks on the Intelligent Transportation System
1055CYB013B288.00-9.30CybersecurityXu, Jia; Yao, Shengyue; Yu, Yi; Wang, Fei-Yue; Lin, YilunDeMaaS: Efficient Service Distribution for MaaS via Decentralized Collaboration and Optimization
208CYB013B288.00-9.30CybersecurityDe Vincenzi, Marco; Bodei, Chiara; Costantino, Gianpiero; Matteucci, Ilaria; Monreale, AnnaData collection in automotive: a deep analysis of carmakers’ mobile app privacy policies
1086CYB013B288.00-9.30CybersecurityWen, Xiamei; Krishnakumari, Panchamy; Hoogendoorn, SergeA Data Protection Method for Short-term Traffic Prediction with Applications to Network Active Mode Operations
717CYB013B288.00-9.30CybersecurityGrimm, Daniel; Lautenbach, Aljoscha; Almgren, Magnus; Olovsson, Tomas; Sax, EricGap analysis of ISO/SAE 21434 – Improving the automotive cybersecurity engineering life cycle
1335DAS010D2515.30-16.30Driver Assistance SystemsLi, Yaqiu; Zhang, Junyi; Lu, YunpengNudging Drivers towards Utilizing Driver Tracking: Application of Behavioral Interventions Architecture
610DAS010D2515.30-16.30Driver Assistance SystemsMonninger, Thomas; Weber, Andreas Silvius; Staab, SteffenSemantic Map Learning of Traffic Light to Lane Assignment based on Motion Data
1021DAS010D2515.30-16.30Driver Assistance SystemsTrinci, Tomaso; Bianconcini, Tommaso; Sarti, Leonardo; Taccari, Leonardo; Sambo, FrancescoCross-model temporal cooperation via saliency maps for efficient recognition and classification of relevant traffic lights
156DAS010D2515.30-16.30Driver Assistance SystemsHsieh, Feng-An; Lin, Huei-Yung; Wang, Chieh-ChihAn End-To-End System For Road Agent Behavior Classification
406DAS020D2517.00-18.00Driver Assistance SystemsLiu, Yuying; Du, Shaoyi; Guo, Qinbo; Zhao, Zhiyue; Tian, Zhiqiang; Zheng, NanningStructure Consistent Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Driver Behavior Recognition
297DAS020D2517.00-18.00Driver Assistance SystemsEisemann, Leon; Maucher, JohannesAutomatic Odometry-Less OpenDRIVE Generation From Sparse Point Clouds
72DAS020D2517.00-18.00Driver Assistance SystemsZhao, Nanbin; Wang, Xinran; Wang, Bohui; Zhang, Jialu; Lu, Yun; Su, RongA Lane Change Assisting Framework for Large Vehicles
1332DAS020D2517.00-18.00Driver Assistance SystemsFang, Ruiqi; liang, jinhao; Yin, Guodong; Li, Ang; Li, Xinxiu; Lu, YanboAn Innovative Robust $mathcal{H}_infty$ Adaptive Cruise Control Method with Input Constraint Considering Tire-road Friction Coefficient
210DAS030A288.00-9.30Driver Assistance SystemsUcar, Seyhan; Mercer, Ryan; Keogh, EamonnTailgating Behavior Detection On Rear Vehicles
972DAS030A288.00-9.30Driver Assistance SystemsEggert, Julian; Kreutz, Karsten; Gaumann, Lina; Adamy, JürgenHow do Drivers Take a Curve? The Comfort Factor Model (CFM)
1166DAS030A288.00-9.30Driver Assistance SystemsNambata, Masaki; Shimomura, Kota; Hirakawa, Tsubasa; Yamashita, Takayoshi; Fujiyoshi, HironobuHuman-like Guidance with Gaze Estimation and Classification-based Text Generation
1282DAS030A288.00-9.30Driver Assistance SystemsUlmen, Jonas; Wellstein, Marc; Mark, Christoph; SUNDARAM, GANESH; Görges, Daniel; Reich, JanStochastic MPC with Bayesian Network Risk Allocation for Autonomous Driving
1380DAS030A288.00-9.30Driver Assistance SystemsNadarajan, Parthasarathy; Botsch, Michael; Sardina, SebastianContinuous Probabilistic Motion Prediction based on Latent Space Interpolation
1424DAS030A288.00-9.30Driver Assistance SystemsBalasubramanian, Lakshman; Wurst, Jonas; Egolf, Robin; Botsch, Michael; Utschick, Wolfgang; DENG, KESceneDiffusion: Conditioned Latent Diffusion Models for Traffic Scene Prediction
319DAS040A2810.00-11.30Driver Assistance SystemsChen, Kehua; CHEN, Xianda; Zhu, Meixin; Yang, Hai; YU, ZihanEquiDiff: A Conditional Equivariant Diffusion Model For Trajectory Prediction
662DAS040A2810.00-11.30Driver Assistance SystemsAwathe, Arpit; Varunjikar, TejasClosed-Loop Modeling of a Quintic Trajectory Planning and PID Motion Control System
180DAS040A2810.00-11.30Driver Assistance SystemsGao, Feng; Hu, Qiuxia; Zhan, GuanglunA Low-dimensional Optimization Method for High-performance Parallel Parking Path Planning
197DAS040A2810.00-11.30Driver Assistance SystemsScheerer, Kay; Michalke, Thomas Paul; Mathes, JürgenThe WayHome: Long-term Motion Prediction on Dynamically Scaled Grids
1185DAS040A2810.00-11.30Driver Assistance SystemsFarid, Yashar; Oguchi, KentaroDamping Periodic Stop-and-go Waves in Connected Vehicle Environments
388DAS040A2810.00-11.30Driver Assistance SystemsHamieh, Salam; HEIRIES, Vincent; Al Osman, Hussein; Godin, Christelle; Aloui, SaifeddineDriver Visual Distraction Detection Using Unsupervised Learning Techniques
920DAS050A2811.30-12.30Driver Assistance SystemsHamdan, Alex; TALJ, Reine; Cherfaoui, VéroniqueDesign and Comparison of Two Advanced Driving Assistance Systems for the Lane Keeping in Intelligent Vehicles, based on LPV/H_infinity and Super-Twisting Sliding Mode (STSM) Control Techniques
1445DAS050A2811.30-12.30Driver Assistance SystemsLim, Jaebong; Lee, Sanghwa; Kim, Taegu; Shin, Kihun; Baek, YunjuOpen-Set Driver Identification System Based on Metric Learning with Driving Situation Awareness
1571DAS050A2811.30-12.30Driver Assistance SystemsZhao, Zhouqiao; Liao, Xishun; Abdelraouf, Amr; Han, Kyungtae; Gupta, Rohit; Barth, Matthew; Wu, GuoyuanInverse Reinforcement Learning and Gaussian Process Regression-based Real-time Framework for Personalized Adaptive Cruise Control
160DAS050A2811.30-12.30Driver Assistance SystemsKumar, Manoranjan; Löwe, Welf; cramsky, joel; Danielsson, Per-OlofDriving pattern classification for wheel loaders in different materialhandling using machine learning
1264DL010E2611.30-13.00Data Mining: Deep LearningYan, Guozhi; Liu, Kai; Hu, Junbo; Jin, Feiyu; Zhang, HaoA Fine-grained Vehicle Behavior Recognition Framework: Struct Segment Temporal Convolutional Network
1421DL010E2611.30-13.00Data Mining: Deep LearningRegikumar, Rohith; Kasthurirajan, Priyanga; Ramanujam, Arvind; Jayaprakash, RajeshTrainChaiNN – A Train Delay Prediction Model Using Chained Adversarial Neural Networks
250DL010E2611.30-13.00Data Mining: Deep LearningPang, Haoyuan; Wang, Qiang; Xu, ChenDynamic Self-Mutual Correlated Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Prediction
1126DL010E2611.30-13.00Data Mining: Deep LearningLiu, Jing; xu, xinyue; Zhang, Anzhong; Ye, HongxiaAn Age Attribute Inference Method for Urban Rail Transit Passengers based on Deep Learning
413DL010E2611.30-13.00Data Mining: Deep LearningKu, Yixuan; Wang, Yixuan; liu, qi; Peng, Lei; Yang, YangTEDGCN: Asymmetric Spatiotemporal GNN for Heterogeneous Traffic Prediction
1448DL010E2611.30-13.00Data Mining: Deep LearningSamadi, Amir; Alipour Sormoli, Mohammadreza; Mozaffari, Sajjad; Koufos, Konstantinos; Dianati, Mehrdad; Woodman, RogerA Novel Deep Neural Network for Trajectory Prediction in Automated Vehicles Using Velocity Vector Field
1368DL020E2615.00-16.30Data Mining: Deep LearningLöwens, Christian; Thyssens, Daniela; Andersson, Emma; Jenkins, Christina; Schmidt-Thieme, LarsDeepStay: Stay Region Extraction from Location Trajectories using Weak Supervision
1463DL020E2615.00-16.30Data Mining: Deep LearningBhuyan, Zubin; Chen, Qilei; Xie, Yuanchang; Cao, Yu; Liu, BenyuanModeling the Risk of Truck Rollover Crashes on Highway Ramps Using Drone Video Data and Mask-RCNN
194DL020E2615.00-16.30Data Mining: Deep LearningFarhadi, Farzaneh; Palacin, Roberto; Blythe, PhilForecasting the Impact of Electric Vehicle Adoption on CO2 Emissions using Machine Learning and Time Series Methods
727DL020E2615.00-16.30Data Mining: Deep LearningCherrier, Noëlie; Rérolle, Baptiste; Graive, Martin; Dib, Amir; Schmitt, EglantineContext-Aware Automated Passenger Counting Data Denoising
805DL020E2615.00-16.30Data Mining: Deep LearningZheng, Liyong; Rao, Hongyu; Pu, Shiliang; Jiang, Weihao; Hao, Yonggang; Li, Wenjing; Shao, Jianxuan; Su, Bin; Wang, Saisai; Zhao, Wei; Xie, Yijue; Zhang, WeiTraffic State Identification Based on Graph Neural Networks: Taking Tidal Traffic as an Example
773DL020E2615.00-16.30Data Mining: Deep LearningAbdelraouf, Amr; Gupta, Rohit; Han, KyungtaeInteraction-Aware Personalized Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Using Temporal Graph Neural Networks
783DL030E2617.00-18.00Data Mining: Deep LearningLi, Haoran; Lu, Yunpeng; Zheng, Sifa; SUN, CHUAN; Zhang, ChuangAnalysis of Naturalistic Driving Behavior for Personalized Autonomous Vehicle
496DL030E2617.00-18.00Data Mining: Deep LearningZheng, Zhipeng; Ye, Yongchao; Zhu, Yuanshao; Zhang, Shiyao; Yu, James J.Q.Data-Driven Methods for Travel Time Estimation: A Survey
880DL030E2617.00-18.00Data Mining: Deep LearningBang, Geonkyu; Lee, Jinho; Endo, Yuki; Nishimori, Toshiaki; Nakao, Kenta; Kamijo, ShunsukeSemantic Attention-guided Day-to-Night Image Translation Network
537DL030E2617.00-18.00Data Mining: Deep LearningWang, Yixuan; Ku, Yixuan; liu, qi; Yang, Yang; Peng, LeiLarge-scale parking data prediction: from a graph coarsening perspective
694DL045A2712.00-13.00Data Mining: Deep LearningTeufel, Sven; Gamerdinger, Jörg; Volk, Georg; Bringmann, OliverCollective PV-RCNN: A Novel Fusion Technique using Collective Detections for Enhanced Local LiDAR-Based Perception
295DL045A2712.00-13.00Data Mining: Deep LearningGan, Chong-Xin; Mak, Man-Wai; Ho, Ivan; Lee, Wing ChiDeep Segment-Attentive Network for Altered-Engine Recognition
635DL045A2712.00-13.00Data Mining: Deep LearningDIB, Abdelkader; SCIARRETTA, Antonio; Balac, MilosA Two-Stage Deep Learning Based Approach for Predicting Instantaneous Vehicle Speed Profiles on Road Networks
928DL045A2712.00-13.00Data Mining: Deep LearningGHOSH, BANISHREE; Dauwels, JustinA Data-driven Approach to Estimate and Predict the Traffic Incidents’ Queue Length
541DMDA015A2610.00-11.30Data mining and Data AnalysisStage, Hanno; Ewecker, Lukas; Langner, Jacob; Sohn, Tin Stribor; Villmann, Thomas; Sax, EricReducing Computer Vision Dataset Size via Selective Sampling
1418DMDA015A2610.00-11.30Data mining and Data AnalysisTang, Yun; Bruto da Costa, Antonio Anastasio; Zhang, Xizhe; Irvine, Patrick; Khastgir, Siddartha; Jennings, PaulDomain Knowledge Distillation from Large Language Model: An Empirical Study in the Autonomous Driving Domain
1443DMDA015A2610.00-11.30Data mining and Data AnalysisMuhammad, Akilu Rilwan; Aguiar, Ana; Mendes-Moreira, JoãoInferring Transportation Mode using pooled features from time and frequency domains
683DMDA015A2610.00-11.30Data mining and Data Analysisde Moura Martins Gomes, Nelson; Nashashibi, FawziExtraction of vehicle behaviors at intersections
1481DMDA015A2610.00-11.30Data mining and Data AnalysisDias Carneiro, Eduardo Leandro; Fontes, Tânia; Rossetti, RosaldoEnhancing decision-making in transportation management: A comparative study of text classification models
392DMDA015A2610.00-11.30Data mining and Data AnalysisJiao, Yiru; Calvert, Simeon Craig; van Cranenburgh, Sander; van Lint, HansIdentifying Vehicle Interaction at Urban Intersections: A Comparison of Proximity Resistance, Time-to-Collision, and Post-Encroachment-Time
1286DMDA025A2611.30-13.00Data mining and Data AnalysisChakraborty, Manojit; Gupta, RishabhRECIPE: A Vehicle RECall Incident PrEdiction Method
386DMDA025A2611.30-13.00Data mining and Data AnalysisCai, Yi; Su, ShuaiResearch on the Named Entity Recognition for Rail Fault Text Based on Distant Supervision
376DMDA025A2611.30-13.00Data mining and Data AnalysisYao, Yue; Goehring, Daniel; Reichardt, JoergAn Empirical Bayes Analysis of Object Trajectory Representation Models
1038DMDA025A2611.30-13.00Data mining and Data AnalysisSchicktanz, Clemens; Klitzke, Lars; Gimm, KayMicroscopic Analysis of the Impact of Congestion on Traffic Safety and Efficiency at a Signalized Intersection: A Case Study
234DMDA025A2611.30-13.00Data mining and Data AnalysisLyu, Cheng; Lu, Qing-Long; Wu, Xinhua; Antoniou, ConstantinosRobust two-stage transport data imputation with changepoint detection and Tucker decomposition
1504DMDA025A2611.30-13.00Data mining and Data AnalysisSouza, Marcos Aurelio; Lucena, Sidney C.; Campos, Carlos A. V.; Domingues, GuilhermeEvaluating the influence of events on mobility-based data communities
1204DMDA035A2615.00-16.30Data mining and Data AnalysisQasemi, Ehsan; Francis, Jonathan; Oltramari, AlessandroTraffic-Domain Video Question Answering with Automatic Captioning
578DMDA035A2615.00-16.30Data mining and Data AnalysisHeidecker, Florian; Susetzky, Tobias; Fuchs, Erich; Sick, BernhardContext Information for Corner Case Detection in Highly Automated Driving
996DMDA035A2615.00-16.30Data mining and Data AnalysisGundlegård, David; Fermergård Grumert, EllenClustering in Before-After Studies of ITS Measures
983DMDA035A2615.00-16.30Data mining and Data AnalysisFukasawa, Yuta; Yokoi, Yuho; Yamada, Kota; Sasai, Takeyuki; Fukushima, ShintaroFinding Energy-Efficient and Fast Detour Routes in Unusual Traffic Events
1384DMDA035A2615.00-16.30Data mining and Data AnalysisQin, Wenwen; Zhang, Mingfeng; Li, Huan; Gu, JinjingIncomplete trajectory recovery for supporting urban link travel time distribution considering spatial-temporal correlation
699POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1NGO, Ha Nhi; Kaddoum, Elsy; Cebecauer, Matej; Jenelius, Erik; Goursolle, AnaïsConsidering Multi-Scale Data for Continuous Traffic Prediction using Adaptive Multi-Agent System
1663DMDA045H288.00-9.30Data mining and Data AnalysisSun, Zhanbo; Dai, Jin; Zhao, Yu; Ji, Ang; Zhang, ChaoA traffic flow forecasting model using graph convolutional recurrent neural networks with incomplete data
1032DMDA045H288.00-9.30Data mining and Data AnalysisWang, Yanbing; Ji, Junyi; Barbour, William; Work, DanielOnline Min Cost Circulation for Multi-Object Tracking on Fragments
1629DMDA045H288.00-9.30Data mining and Data AnalysisFleck, Tobias; Zipfl, Maximilian; Zöllner, J. MariusSemi-Automatic Ground Truth Trajectory Estimation and Smoothing using Roadside Cameras
1081DMDA045H288.00-9.30Data mining and Data AnalysisBerger, Christian; Cabrero-Daniel, Beatriz; Kaya, M. Cagri; Esmaeili Darestani, Maryam; Shiels, HannahSystematic Evaluation of Applying Space-Filling Curves to Automotive Maneuver Detection
536DMDA045H288.00-9.30Data mining and Data AnalysisWang, Zepu; Sun, Yifei; Lei, Zhiyu; Zhu, XinchengSST: A Simplified Swin Transformer-based Model for Taxi Destination Prediction based on Existing Trajectory
415DMDA055H2810.00-11.30Data mining and Data AnalysisBaowen, Xu; Xuelei, Wang; Chengbao, Liu; Shuo, Li; Jingwei, LiSpatio-Temporal Transformer with Clustering and Dilated Attention for Traffic Prediction
877DMDA055H2810.00-11.30Data mining and Data AnalysisZhao, Nanbin; Zhang, Jialu; Wang, Bohui; Lu, Yun; Zhang, Kun; Su, RongA Data-Driven Long-Term Prediction Method of Mandatory and Discretionary Lane Change Based on Transformer
629DMDA055H2810.00-11.30Data mining and Data AnalysisArman, Mohammad Ali; Tampere, ChrisAccurate Segment Travel Time Estimation Based on Individual Vehicle Data
774DMDA055H2810.00-11.30Data mining and Data AnalysisNick Zinat Matin, Hossein; Do, Dawson; Delle Monache, Maria LauraNonlinear Advection-Diffusion Models of Traffic Flow: a Numerical Study
1107POSTERHALL2615.00-16.30Poster Session 2wang, min; Liu, Huan; He, Jing; An, Chengchuan; Xia, Jingxin; Lu, zhenboBayesian Network Learning Framework for Travel Mode Identification Based on Cellular Signaling Data
148DMDA055H2810.00-11.30Data mining and Data AnalysisLi, Xiaoming; Normandin-Taillon, Hubert; Wang, Chun; Huang, XiaoDemand Density Forecasting in Mobility-on-Demand Systems through Recurrent Mixture Density Networks
147DMDA065H2811.30-12.30Data mining and Data AnalysisXiangli, Ying; Xu, Jie; Zhang, HuiModelling and simulation of pedestrian self-evacuation in Pedestrian Mall
1566DMDA065H2811.30-12.30Data mining and Data AnalysisNishimoto, Takashi; Yamaguchi, Takuma; Okuda, Hiroyuki; Suzuki, Tatsuya; Wakisaka, Ryo; Ban, KazunoriBayesian Network Model of Decision-Making for Pedestrians’ Crossing Behavior Considering Gaze Information at Unsignalized Intersection
592DMDA065H2811.30-12.30Data mining and Data AnalysisMa, Lin; Chen, Longrui; Zhang, Yan; Chu, Mengdi; Jiang, Wenjie; Shen, Jiahao; Li, Chuxuan; Shi, Yifeng; Luo, Nairui; Yuan, Jirui; Chen, Yilun; ZHOU, Guyue; Gong, JiangtaoEvaluation of Pedestrian Safety in a High-Fidelity Simulation Environment Framework
289DMDA065H2811.30-12.30Data mining and Data AnalysisZhang, Cheng; Du, Bo; Shen, JunMovement Patterns of Pedestrians and Cyclists at Signalized Segregated Crosswalks: A Case Study in Nanjing, China
915DMDA075B288.00-9.30Data mining and Data AnalysisSchumann, Oliver; Buchholz, Michael; Dietmayer, KlausEfficient Path Planning in Large Unknown Environments with Switchable System Models for Automated Vehicles
240DMDA075B288.00-9.30Data mining and Data AnalysisHuang, Chao; Yang, Bo; Nakano, KimihikoLearning From Drivers Patterns of Evasive Maneuvers in Case of Emergency Using Dynamic-Time-Warping-Based Clustering
1167DMDA075B288.00-9.30Data mining and Data AnalysisMorales-Alvarez, Walter; Certad, Novel; Roitberg, Alina; Stiefelhagen, Rainer; Olaverri-Monreal, CristinaOn Transferability of Driver Observation Models from Simulated to Real Environments in Autonomous Cars
523DMDA075B288.00-9.30Data mining and Data AnalysisChoi, Youngsoo; Yun, Yongmun; Jeon, Woo-Jeong; Kong, Seung-HyunA Novel Approach for Estimating Vehicle Speed in Nighttime Traffic Accidents from Daytime Video Information
663DMDA075B288.00-9.30Data mining and Data AnalysisSun, Jiankai; Kousik, Shreyas; Fridovich-Keil, David; Schwager, MacConnected Autonomous Vehicle Motion Planning with Video Predictions from Smart, Self-Supervised Infrastructure
1303DMDA075B288.00-9.30Data mining and Data AnalysisYe, Zhenhao; Li, Yanlong; Cui, Zhichao; Liu, Yuehu; Li, Li; Wang, Le; Zhang, ChiUnsupervised Video Anomaly Detection with Self-Attention based Feature Aggregating
337DMDA085B2811.00-12.30Data mining and Data AnalysisGolchoubian, Mahsa; Ghafurian, Moojan; Dautenhahn, Kerstin; L. Azad, NasserPolar Collision Grids: Effective Interaction Modelling for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction in Shared Space Using Collision Checks
390DMDA085B2811.00-12.30Data mining and Data AnalysisGonzález de Cossío, Francisco; Sabiron, GuillaumeA Robust Approach for Identifying Transportation Mode using Smartphone-Based GPS Sensors and Road Network Information
447DMDA085B2811.00-12.30Data mining and Data AnalysisWu, Aotian; Banerjee, Tania; Chen, Ke; Rangarajan, Anand; Ranka, SanjayA Multi-Sensor Video/LiDAR System for Analyzing Intersection Safety
299DMDA085B2811.00-12.30Data mining and Data AnalysisZhu, Yuanfang; Jiang, Meilan; Yamamoto, ToshiyukiClassification of driving style in relation to risk level based on G-G diagram
430DMDA085B2811.00-12.30Data mining and Data AnalysisLiu, Yuying; Du, Shaoyi; Zhao, Shengwei; Tian, Zhiqiang; Zheng, NanningCenterDA: Center-Aware Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Regularized by Class Diversity for Distracted Driver Recognition
400DMDA085B2811.00-12.30Data mining and Data AnalysisLi, Xiao; He, Pan; Wu, Aotian; Ranka, Sanjay; Rangarajan, AnandA Spatiotemporal Correspondence Approach to Unsupervised Lidar Segmentation with Traffic Applications
821EV010A2710:00-11:30Electric VehiclesSandel, Luca; Zardini, Gioele; Mitrova, Sofija; Thekemuriyil, Tanya; Minamisawa, Renato; Rahimo, Munaf; Censi, Andrea; Frazzoli, Emilio; Mastellone, SilviaEnhancing Efficiency and Reliability of Electric Vehicles via Adaptive E-Gear Control
740EV010A2710:00-11:30Electric VehiclesBrown, Nicholas; Motallebiaraghi, Farhang; Fanas, Johan; Ayantayo, Sherif; Goberville, Nicholas; Feinberg, Ben; Wang, Chieh (Ross); Ekti, Ali Riza; Meyer, Richard; Asher, Zachary DEvaluation of Autonomous Vehicle Sensing and Compute Load on a Chassis Dynamometer
1247EV010A2710:00-11:30Electric VehiclesEinolander, Johannes; Kiviaho, Annamari; Lahdelma, RistoImpact of V2G, V2H and FCR to Electricity Costs of Households with Varying Primary Heating Sources
789EV010A2710:00-11:30Electric VehiclesRodrigues, Goncalo; Barbosa, Flávia; Schuller, Pedro; Pereira da Silva, Diogo; Pereira, João; Lopes de Azevedo, Rui Pedro; Guimaraes, LuisElectric charging demand forecast and capture for infrastructure placement using gravity modelling: a case study
907EV010A2710:00-11:30Electric VehiclesLoyo Mendivil, Estibaliz; Arandia Mendizabal, Iker; Cejudo, Iñaki; Irigoyen, Eider; Arregui Martiarena, HarbilTheoretical approach of Electric Vehicle Planning considering influence factors in Battery Consumption
995EV020A2711:30-13:00Electric VehiclesWürtz, Samuel; Niels, Tanja; Bogenberger, Klaus; Goehner, UlrichImpact of Inductive Charging Infrastructure at Intersections on Battery Electric Bus Operations
436EV020A2711:30-13:00Electric VehiclesLi, Donghe; Hu, Chunlin; Yang, Qingyu; Chen, ShitaoMulti Actor-Critic PPO: A Novel Reinforcement Learning Method for Intelligent Task and Charging Scheduling in Electric Freight Vehicles Management
577EV020A2711:30-13:00Electric VehiclesTanwar, Dipika; Singla, Priyanka; Nag, Soham; Kumar, Vireshwar; Sarangi, Smruti R.SmrtComp: Intelligent and Online CAN Data Compression
116EV020A2711:30-13:00Electric VehiclesMa, Tai-Yu; Fang, Yumeng; Connors, Richard; Viti, Francesco; Nakao, HarukoA fast algorithm to optimize electric first-mile feeder services with charging synchronization constraints and customer rejections
440EV020A2711:30-13:00Electric VehiclesCokyasar, Taner; Verbas, Omer; Davatgari, Amir; Mohammadian, AbolfazlSolving the Electric Vehicle Scheduling Problem at Large-Scale
1309EV020A2711:30-13:00Electric VehiclesCABALLINI, CLAUDIA; Sacone, Simona; Saeednia, MahnamTransition to zero emissions: cooperative planning of carriers’ trips using electric and diesel vehicles
325EV030A2715.00-16.30Electric VehiclesKim, Dohee; Seo, Youngwon; Jang, HongSoon; Kang, Hyemin; Jeong, Gu-Min; Eo, Jeong SooVehicle-in-the-Loop Experimental Verification of Real-Time Embedded Computation on Microcontroller for Service-Oriented Energy-Optimal Strategies of Intelligent Electric Vehicles
1017EV030A2715.00-16.30Electric VehiclesDas, Lokesh Chandra; Dasgupta, Dipankar; Won, MyounggyuIntelligent Adaptive Electric Vehicle Motion Control for Dynamic Wireless Charging
395EV030A2715.00-16.30Electric VehiclesAnderson, Ryan; Harper, MarioSave Money, Get Charged: Facility-Tied Energy Management with Unknown and Unscheduled EV Charging
1002EV030A2715.00-16.30Electric VehiclesBen Gharbia, Ibtihel; De Nunzio, Giovanni; SCIARRETTA, AntonioOptimal Placement of Fast Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles: an Optimal Routing and Spatial Clustering Approach
1467EV030A2715.00-16.30Electric VehiclesNiels, Tanja; Bogenberger, KlausOptimized Trajectory Planning to Reduce Energy Consumption of Electric Vehicles in Autonomous Intersection Management
402EV040A2717.00-18.00Electric VehiclesTarhini, Fadel; TALJ, Reine; Doumiati, MoustaphaDriving Towards Energy Efficiency: A Novel Torque Allocation Strategy for In-Wheel Electric Vehicles
270AVSS035A2715.00-16.30Advanced vehicle safetyEisele, Daniel; Bubeck, Carla Bernadette; Petzoldt, TiborEquipping vehicles with novel eHMIs potentially changes how pedestrians interact with vehicles without eHMIs
1361EV040A2717.00-18.00Electric VehiclesEhab, Silvana; Morgan, Elsayed Imam; Elguindy, Ahmed; Shehata, OmarHybrid Multi-Parametric Optimization for Mobility-Aware Scheduling of Electric Vehicles Charging Station
1371EV040A2717.00-18.00Electric VehiclesZhu, Xiaolei; Tang, Xindi; Xie, Jiaohong; Liu, YangDynamic Balancing-Charging Management for Shared Autonomous Electric Vehicle Systems: A Two-Stage Learning-Based Approach
1345EV040A2717.00-18.00Electric VehiclesGómez-Barroso, Álvaro; Otaola, Eneko; Onieva, Enrique; Arteta, Beñat; Pérez Rastelli, Joshué; Prieto, PabloFuzzy Logic Strategy for Traction Control in Parallel Hybrid Vehicles
165EV010A2710:00-11:30Electric VehiclesAlonso Tejeda, Asier; Heriz Revuelta, Borja; Allende Marcos, Miguel; Vicente, Iban; Prieto, Pablo; Pérez Rastelli, JoshuéAn optimal sizing methodology for Fuel Cell Hybrid Trucks
1255EV030A2715.00-16.30Electric VehiclesMi, Jiayu; Shao, Yichen; Yang, Zhongping; Huang, Xianjin; Lin, Fei; zhang, hailiangDesign of On-board Energy Storage Systems for Regenerative Braking Energy Recovery in Urban Rail Transit
766AVSS035A2715.00-16.30Advanced vehicle safetyFeng, Yan; Farah, Haneen; van Arem, BartEffect of eHMI on pedestrian road crossing behavior in shared spaces with Automated Vehicles
1503EXP015B2615.00-16.30Trustworthy AI for ITSMaci, Enrik; Howard, Rhys Peter Matthew; Kunze, LarsGenerating and Explaining Corner Cases Using Learnt Probabilistic Lane Graphs
9EXP015B2615.00-16.30Trustworthy AI for ITSAlsheeb, Khalid; Brandao, MartimTowards Explainable Road Navigation Systems
1457EXP015B2615.00-16.30Trustworthy AI for ITSFeng, Yuxiang; Ye, Qiming; Adan, Fahmy; Marques, Luis; Angeloudis, PanagiotisDriving Style Classification using Deep Temporal Clustering with Enhanced Explainability
472EXP015B2615.00-16.30Trustworthy AI for ITSWöber, Wilfried; Waikat, Jakub; Mehnen, Lars; Olaverri-Monreal, CristinaUnsupervised Traffic Sign Classification Relying on Explanatory Visible Factors
469EXP015B2615.00-16.30Trustworthy AI for ITSAtakishiyev, Shahin; Salameh, Mohammad; Babiker, Housam; Goebel, RandyExplaining Autonomous Driving Actions with Visual Question Answering
1533EXP015B2615.00-16.30Trustworthy AI for ITSAhmad, H M Sabbir; Sabouni, Ehsan; Xiao, Wei; Cassandras, Christos; Li, WenchaoTrust-Aware Resilient Control and Coordination of Connected and Automated Vehicles
755FED011B2610.00-11.00Data mining in ITS: Federated LearningVieira, Flávio; Campos, Carlos A. V.FedWS: Dealing with Heterogeneous Data on Federated Learning
192FED011B2610.00-11.00Data mining in ITS: Federated LearningChang, Xing; Xue, Xiaoping; Yao, Baojing; Li, Aojie; Ma, jingxiao; Yu, YantaoReliable Federated Learning with Mobility-Aware Reputation Mechanism for Internet of Vehicles
1476FED011B2610.00-11.00Data mining in ITS: Federated LearningVondikakis, Ioannis; Panagiotopoulos, Ilias; Dimitrakopoulos, GeorgeAn adaptive federated learning framework for intelligent road surface classification
1516FED011B2610.00-11.00Data mining in ITS: Federated LearningMeese, Collin; Lee, Danielle; Chen, Hang; Nejad, MarkvLOFT: Variable Learning Rate for Online Federated Traffic Prediction
1097GAME015A2810.00-11.00Gaming theory in ITSLi, Kunming; Chen, Yijun; Shan, Mao; Li, Jiachen; Worrall, Stewart; Nebot, EduardoGame Theory-Based Simultaneous Prediction and Planning for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in Crowded Environments
1114GAME015A2810.00-11.00Gaming theory in ITSJI, Mengyu; XU, YU HONG; Cheng, Shih-FenQuantifying Taxi Drivers’ Behaviors with Behavioral Game Theory
1623GAME015A2810.00-11.00Gaming theory in ITSHayashi, Yuito; Hato, EijiMitigating Congestion with Auctions: A Game Theoretic Approach for Selfish Autonomous Vehicles
1628GAME015A2810.00-11.00Gaming theory in ITSHAJJAR, PERLA; KLOUL, Leïla; Barth, DominiqueOptimal Bus Scheduling using a Distributed Game Model Approach
127IS010D2715.00-16.30Intelligent SensorsArce Sáenz, Luis Alejandro; Izquierdo Reyes, Javier; Bustamante Bello, Martín RogelioRoad Surface Monitoring System Through Machine Learning Ensemble Models
184IS010D2715.00-16.30Intelligent SensorsLiu, Yicai; Zhang, Guowang; Li, Jian; Huang, Changyao; Wang, Xiangyu; Li, LiangOne-Level Feedback Torque Tracking based on Explicit Model Predictive Control for Steering-by-Wire System
233IS010D2715.00-16.30Intelligent SensorsCellina, Marcello; Strada, Silvia; Savaresi, Sergio M.Vehicle fuel consumption virtual sensing from GNSS and IMU measurements
839IS010D2715.00-16.30Intelligent SensorsBalamutas, Juozas; Ambraziunas, Mantas; Navikas, Dangirutis; Markevicius, Vytautas; Cepenas, Mindaugas; Valinevicius, Algimantas; Zilys, Mindaugas; Andriukaitis, DariusMethod for Accelerometer and Magnetometer based vehicle classification
322IS010D2715.00-16.30Intelligent SensorsBensen, Erik; Severino, Joseph; Ugirumurera, Juliette; Wang, Qichao; Sanyal, Jibonananda; Jones, WesleyA Machine Learning Method for Real-Time Traffic State Estimation from Probe Vehicle Data
1669IS010D2715.00-16.30Intelligent SensorsZhang, Ruixuan; Han, Wenyu; Bian, Zilin; Ozbay, Kaan; Feng, ChenLearning When to See for Long-term Traffic Data Collection on Power-constrained Devices
1052IS020D2717.00-18.00Intelligent SensorsLin, Yiru; Wei, Xinwei; Zou, Zhiyuan; Yi, WeiDeep Learning based 3D Target Detection Method for the Range-Azimuth-Doppler Cube of Automotive Radar
138IS020D2717.00-18.00Intelligent SensorsOboril, Fabian; Buerkle, Cornelius; Zayed, Omar; Scholl, Kay-UlrichHistoGrid: Robust LiDAR-based Traffic Monitoring
1414IS020D2717.00-18.00Intelligent SensorsQu, Ao; Huang, Xuhuan; Suo, DajiangSEIP: Simulation-based Design and Evaluation of Infrastructure-based Collective Perception
1029IS020D2717.00-18.00Intelligent SensorsSofokleous, Marina; Englezou, Yiolanda; Savva, Aristotelis; Timotheou, Stelios; Panayiotou, ChristosLow complexity heuristics for multi-objective sensor placement in traffic networks
1389LOG010E2810.00-11.00Intelligent LogisticsLi, Daiwei; Gao, Liang; Jia, Bobo; Yang, Yi; Fu, Mengyin; Xie, ShanshanAn Environmental and Behavioral-oriented Search-based Trajectory Planning Approach for Tractor-trailer System in Narrow Environment
992LOG010E2810.00-11.00Intelligent LogisticsHuang, Yunping; Zheng, Nan; Liang, Enming; Hsu, Shu-Chien; Zhong, RenxinAn Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach to Vehicle Dispatching and Relocation using Time-Dependent Travel Times
938LOG010E2810.00-11.00Intelligent LogisticsZhang, Kunyi; Pang, Yanbo; Sekimoto, YoshihideDeep Learning Approach to Logistics Trips Generation: Enhancing Pseudo People Flow with Agent-Based Modeling
826LOG010E2810.00-11.00Intelligent LogisticsChen, Xinan; Bai, Ruibin; Qu, Rong; Dong, JingNeural Network Assisted Genetic Programming in Dynamic Container Port Truck Dispatching
1066MAV015H2511.00-12.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesMa, Yining; Khan, Qadeer; Cremers, DanielMulti Agent Navigation in Unconstrained Environments Using a Centralized Attention Based Graphical Neural Network Controller
1128MAV015H2511.00-12.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesJagdale, Karan Suresh; Khan, Zaid Saeed; Menendez, Monica; Ornik, MelkiorOptimal Planning on a Single-Route Transit System with Modular Buses
636MAV015H2511.00-12.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesKonstantinidis, Fabian; Sackmann, Moritz; Hofmann, Ulrich; Stiller, ChristophModeling Interaction-Aware Driving Behavior using Graph-Based Representations and Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
359POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Chen, Mo; Murgovski, Nikolce; Xiao, Zhuang; Feng, Xiaoyun; Wang, Qingyuan; Sun, PengfeiEnergy-efficient and Safe-separation Operation for Successive Trains
729MAV025H2512.00-13.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesKremer, Philipp; Nourani Vatani, Navid; Park, SangyoungDigital Twin Enabled Teleoperated Driving under Network Delay using Ego Vehicle Tracking
987MAV025H2512.00-13.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesZofka, Marc René; Fleck, Tobias; Schörner, Philip; Heinrich, Marc; Zöllner, J. MariusPaving the Ways for Vehicles-in-the-loop: Wireless Integration of Autonomous Vehicles into Mixed Reality Proving Grounds and Test Areas
582MAV025H2512.00-13.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesLuo, Zhangzhi; jiang, yang; Han, Qingwen; Zeng, Lingqiu; Qi, LingFengMessage prediction method and application based on V2X interactive data completeness
988MAV025H2512.00-13.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesHöfer, Tristan; Hoppe, Mattis; Kusmenko, Evgeny; Rumpe, BernhardMontiSim: Agent-Based Simulation for Reinforcement Learning of Autonomous Driving
109MAV035H2514.00-15.30Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesKloock, Maximilian; Alrifaee, BassamCooperative Pose Control of Non-Holonomic Vehicles Using Synchronization
1468MAV035H2514.00-15.30Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesAdan, Fahmy; Feng, Yuxiang; Angeloudis, Panagiotis; Quddus, Mohammed; Ochieng, WashingtonConstrained Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Policies for Cooperative Intersection Navigation and Traffic Compliance
1415MAV035H2514.00-15.30Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesFilipe, Francisco; Kokkinogenis, Zafeiris; d’Orey, Pedro M.; Rossetti, RosaldoCooperative, Connected and Autonomous Mobility: Coordination at Intersections using Reservation-based Mechanisms
139MAV035H2514.00-15.30Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesAli, Muhammad; Tangirala, Nagacharan Teja; Knoll, Alois; Eckhoff, DavidRebalancing Autonomous Electric Vehicles for Mobility-on-Demand by Data-Driven Model Predictive Control
1547MAV035H2514.00-15.30Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesLichtlé, Nathan; Jang, Kathy; Shah, Adit; Vinitsky, Eugene; Lee, Jonathan; Bayen, AlexandreTraffic Smoothing Controllers for Autonomous Vehicles Using Deep Reinforcement Learning and Real-World Trajectory Data
1266MAV035H2514.00-15.30Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesSekeran, Maya; Syed, Arslan Ali; Lindner, Johannes; Margreiter, Martin; Bogenberger, KlausInvestigating Lane-Free Traffic with a Dynamic Driving Simulator
1646POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Lian, Zhexi; Hu, Jia; Zhang, Zhen; Yang, Xiaoguang; Lai, JintaoA Multi-phase-adaptable Bus Lane Sharing Strategy for Vehicles with Various Turning Intentions at Intersections
1539MAV045H2515.30-16.30Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesGontscharow, Martin; Schotschneider, Albert; Orf, Stefan; Fleck, Tobias; Zofka, Marc René; Zöllner, J. MariusSurvey and Design Handbook for Control Centers of Automated Vehicle Fleets
781MAV045H2515.30-16.30Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesSural, Shounak; Su, Gregory; Sahu, Nishad; Naren, Naren; Rajkumar, RagunathanCoSim: A Co-Simulation Framework for Testing Autonomous Vehicles in Adverse Operating Conditions
857MAV045H2515.30-16.30Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesCoretti Sanchez, Naroa; Mugica Gonzalez, Juan; Quinn, Bowers; Grignard, Arnaud; Castelló Ferrer, Eduardo; Alonso, Luis; Larson, KentUrban Mobility Swarms: towards a decentralized autonomous bicycle-sharing system
1471MAV055H2517.00-18.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesYang, Junqing; Yan, Yuxi; Chen, Shitao; Zheng, NanningEnhancing Scene Simulation for Autonomous Driving with Neural Point Rendering
135MAV055H2517.00-18.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesFang, Yukun; Min, Haigen; WU, xia; Xia, Sen; Teixeira, Rui; Zhao, XiangmoDamping Behavior and String Stability Analysis of an MPF-Helly Car Following Model for Connected Autonomous Vehicles
1180MAV055H2517.00-18.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesGhoul, Amina; Yahiaoui, Itheri; Nashashibi, FawziInterpretable Long Term Waypoint-Based Trajectory Prediction Model
1616MAV055H2517.00-18.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesSomisetty, Neelkamal; Nagarajan, Harsha; Darbha, SwaroopImpact of Ordering of Heterogeneous Vehicles on String Stability
1191MAV065G2811.00-12.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesRen, Hualing; Liu, Kai; Li, Yantao; Dai, Penglin; Xiao, KeCooperative Data Uploading and Task Offloading Via Markov-Approximation in Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks
919MAV065G2811.00-12.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesChellapandi, Vishnu Pandi; Yuan, Liangqi; Zak, Stanislaw H.; Wang, ZiranA Survey of Federated Learning for Connected and Automated Vehicles
753MAV065G2811.00-12.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesHofinger, Felix; Mischinger, Marlies; Haberl, Michael; Fellendorf, MartinLane Change Model For Automated Vehicles on Multi-Lane Highways in Mixed Traffic
792MAV065G2811.00-12.00Multi-Autonomous vehicle studiesSchlichting, Marc René; Boord, Nina Virginia; Corso, Anthony; Kochenderfer, MykelSAVME: Efficient Safety Validation for Autonomous Systems Using Meta-Learning
1544ML015B2617.00-18.00Data mining in ITS: Machine LearningWANG, Ruiqi; Ji, Ang; Li, Tao; Sun, Zhanbo; Zhijian, FuAn interpretable machine learning-based analysis of vehicle yielding during pedestrian-vehicle interactions at unsignalized intersections
767ML015B2617.00-18.00Data mining in ITS: Machine LearningMorais, Mayuri Annerose; Camargo, Raphael YokoingawaReal-time Incident Detection in Public Bus Systems Using Machine Learning
515ML015B2617.00-18.00Data mining in ITS: Machine LearningZheng, Yubin; Cheng, Cheng; Yu, Shui; Ye, Xian; Wang, Zixuan; Li, XinghuaPredicting the Vehicle Turn-in Rates of Highway Service Area: A Random Forest Approach
534ML015B2617.00-18.00Data mining in ITS: Machine LearningSun, Yue; Zhang, Kangshuai; liu, qi; Yang, Yang; Peng, LeiEfficient Large-Scale Parking Data Prediction based on Parking Zone Division
464MoP010A2511.00-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationOh, Inhyuk; Seo, Juwon; Kim, Jin Sung; Chung, Chung ChooReachable Set-based Path Planning for Automated Parking System
1151MoP010A2511.00-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationShi, Jiamin; Qiu, Zhuo; Zhang, Tangyike; Chen, Shitao; Xin, Jingmin; Zheng, NanningRobot Crowd Navigation based on Spatio-Temporal Interaction Graphs and Danger Zones
188MoP010A2511.00-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationPuphal, Tim; Eggert, JulianIntroducing Risk Shadowing For Decisive and Comfortable Behavior Planning
378MoP010A2511.00-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationHan, Sangwon; Park, Geonyeong; Ahn, Yoonyong; Cho, GunHee; Kim, Soontae; Huh, KunsooEstimated State-Based Optimal Lane-Keeping Path Planning and Control System for Semi-Trailer Trucks
364SP100D2615.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationLi, Dianzhao; Okhrin, OstapVision-based DRL Autonomous Driving Agent with Sim2Real Transfer
493MoP010A2511.00-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationMaierhofer, Sebastian; Althoff, Matthias; Ballnath, YannickMap Verification and Repairing Using Formalized Map Specifications
1299MoP010A2511.00-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationRama, Petrit; Bajcinca, NaimMALE-A: Stimuli and Cause Prediction for Maneuver Planning via Graph Neural Networks in Autonomous Driving
690MoP020A2514.00-15.30Motion Planning and NavigationLin, Yu-Chen; Sun, Chien-Wen; Lyu, Bo-Han; Yeh, Ting-JiaAn Adaptive Semi-Active Suspension System for Design of Vehicle Stability Control System
1551MoP020A2514.00-15.30Motion Planning and NavigationZhang, Xiaotong; Fu, Jiawei; Chen, Shitao; Zheng, NanningReal-Time, Secure, and Computationally Efficient Navigation: A Prediction-Planning Framework Using Occupancy Grid Map
959MoP020A2514.00-15.30Motion Planning and NavigationLin, Pengfei; Javanmardi, Ehsan; Nakazato, Jin; Tsukada, ManabuOcclusion-Aware Path Planning for Collision Avoidance: Leveraging Potential Field Method with Responsibility-Sensitive Safety
111MoP020A2514.00-15.30Motion Planning and NavigationHaydon, James; Bondu, Martin; Eberhart, Clovis; Dubut, Jérémy; Hasuo, IchiroFormal Verification of Intersection Safety for Automated Driving
7MoP020A2514.00-15.30Motion Planning and NavigationTong, Kailin; Solmaz, Selim; Horn, Martin; Stolz, Michael; Watzenig, DanielRobust Tunable Trajectory Repairing for Autonomous Vehicles Using Bernstein Basis Polynomials and Path-Speed Decoupling
468MoP020A2514.00-15.30Motion Planning and NavigationXiao, Xiaofeng; Li, Wei; Meng, Yu; Hu, Wen; Fang, Huazhen; GU, Qing; Cao, DongpuTP-GDM: Trajectory Prediction-based Game Decision-Making Model and A Case Study on Merging
1680MoP030A2515.30-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationChen, Ming; Liu, Jianyi; Pang, Jinlong; Jian, Zhiqiang; Chen, PeiMulti-risk Aware Trajectory Planning for Car-like Robot in Highly Dynamic Environments
453MoP030A2515.30-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationNeumeier, Marion; Dorn, Sebastian; Botsch, Michael; Utschick, WolfgangPrediction and Interpretation of Vehicle Trajectories in the Graph Spectral Domain
1515MoP030A2515.30-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationPeiss, Lars Frederik; Wohlgemuth, Elias; Xue, Fan; Meyer, Eivind; Gressenbuch, Luis; Althoff, MatthiasGraph-based Autonomous Driving with Traffic Rule-Enhanced Curriculum Learning
1524MoP030A2515.30-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationChavez Armijos, Andres; Li, Anni; Cassandras, ChristosMaximizing Safety and Efficiency for Cooperative Lane-Changing: A Minimally Disruptive Approach
693MoP040A2517.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationZhang, Tangyike; SUN, Shuo; Shi, Jiamin; Chen, Shitao; Ang Jr, Marcelo H; Xin, Jingmin; Zheng, NanningMaximum Entropy Inverse Reinforcement Learning Based on Frenet Frame Sampling for Human-like Autonomous Driving
1244MoP040A2517.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationSchulte-Tigges, Joschua; Rondinone, Michele; Reke, Michael; Wachenfeld, Jan; Kaszner, DanielUsing V2X Communications for Smart ODD Management of Highly Automated Vehicles
796MoP040A2517.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationHsiao, Chun-Chien; An, Gihyeob; Bae, Jun Han; Talebpour, AlirezaA Comfort-Based Vehicle Routing Methodology for Autonomous Vehicles According to Vehicles’ Speed
315MoP040A2517.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationGraubohm, Robert; Salem, Nayel Fabian; Nolte, Marcus; Maurer, MarkusOn Assumptions with Respect to Occlusions in Urban Environments for Automated Vehicle Speed Decisions
121MoP050A2610.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationLubiniecki, Toni; Schildbach, GeorgTrajectory Tracking MPC With Online Model Adaptation Using Gaussian Process Regression and Clustering
437MoP050A2610.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationSchäfer, Johannes; Keppler, Felix; Wagner, Sebastian; Janschek, KlausRMTRUCK: Deadlock-free Execution of Multi-robot Plans under Delaying Disturbances
851MoP050A2610.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationCheng, Jie; Chen, Ruishuang; liangzhihui, Liang; DING, SHUAN; Yang, ZaiyueTrajectory Planning for Formation Variation of UGVs in Cluttered Environment
1198MoP050A2610.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationYe, Linhui; Wen, Zoutao; Zhang, Hailong; Ran, BinA General DRL-Based Framework using Mode-Selection Tangent Time Projection for Mixed On-Ramp Merging
1257MoP050A2610.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationChen, Xiao; Mårtensson, JonasInvariant Safe Contingency Model Predictive Control for Intersection Coordination of Mixed Traffic
1554MoP050A2610.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationLiu, Yu; Zhang, Yuexin; Li, Kunming; Qiao, Yongliang; Worrall, Stewart; Li, You-Fu; Kong, HeKnowledge-aware Graph Transformer for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction
1498MoP060A2611.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationWang, Ning; Chen, Xiao; Mårtensson, JonasRollout-Based Interactive Motion Planning for Automated Vehicles
145MoP060A2611.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationLiu, Jiaqi; L. Azad, Nasser; Qu, TingAn Optimization-based Coordination of Multi-lane Platoons of Connected and Automated Trucks for Reducing Travel Time
772MoP060A2611.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationJank, Georg; Rowold, Matthias; Lohmann, BorisHierarchical Time-Optimal Planning for Multi-Vehicle Racing
886MoP060A2611.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationLei, Mingyue; Yan, Xuerun; Hu, Jia; Wang, HaoranEco-Cooperative and Adaptive Cruise Control for Enhanced Fuel Efficiency on Rolling Terrain
1378MoP060A2611.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationPrabu, Avinash; Li, Lingxi; Chen, Yaobin; King, BrianData-driven Deep Reinforcement Learning for Automated Driving
1684MoP060A2611.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationQian, Zelin; Cao, Zhong; Zhou, Weitao; Wen, Junze; Jing, Cheng; Yang, Diange; Jiang, KunAn End-to-End Autonomous Driving Pre-trained Transformer Model for Multi-Behavior-Optimal Trajectory Generation
1006MoP070A2615.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationMadridano Carrasco, Angel; Campos, Sergio; Pérez Rastelli, Joshué; Valle, Alfredo; Martín, Diego; Lattarulo, Ray; de Miguel, Miguel Angel; Naranjo, Jose; Garcia, FernandoEvolution of bus shuttle service in Madrid towards autonomous operation, a practical use case
1285MoP070A2615.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationMartínez, IreneMitigation of stop-and-go traffic waves with intelligent vehicles at low market penetration rates
1488MoP070A2615.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationZhang, Hanwen; Rostami-Shahrbabaki, Majid; Troullinos, Dimitrios; Bogenberger, KlausA Novel Potential Line Strategy for Autonomous Vehicle Control in Lane-free Traffic
1023MoP070A2615.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationMartinez Gomez, Luis Miguel; García Daza, Iván; Sotelo Vázquez, Miguel ÁngelTemporal Based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Crowded Lane Merging Maneuvers
700MoP070A2615.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationGeurts, Merlijne; Silvas, Emilia; Katriniok, Alexander; Heemels, MauriceEffects of using Motion Predictions in Automated Driving in Highway Lane Merging
1229MoP070A2615.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationFulwadiya, Rajkumari; Jain, Udit; Sharma, Anshuman; Kathuria, AnkitCan autonomous vehicles enhance safety in heterogeneous disordered traffic conditions? A simulation-based exploratory study
106MoP080A2617.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationKedia, Shubham; Karumanchi, Sambhu HarimanasReal-time Autonomous Vehicle Navigation under Unknown Dynamics
152MoP080A2617.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationJian, Zhiqiang; Zhang, Songyi; Sun, Lingfeng; Zhan, Wei; Tomizuka, Masayoshi; Zheng, NanningAdaptive Spatio-Temporal Voxels Based Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Driving in Highway Traffic Flow
458MoP080A2617.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationZheng, Lei; Yang, Rui; Peng, Zengqi; Liu, Haichao; Wang, Michael Yu; Ma, JunReal-Time Parallel Trajectory Optimization with Spatiotemporal Safety Constraints for Autonomous Driving in Congested Traffic
1148MoP080A2617.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationZhang, Luyao; Han, Shaohang; Grammatico, SergioAn Efficient Game-Theoretic Planner for Automated Lane Merging with Multi-Modal Behavior Understanding
389MoP095A2617.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationHallgarten, Marcel; Stoll, Martin; Zell, AndreasFrom Prediction to Planning With Goal Conditioned Lane Graph Traversals
1234MoP095A2617.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationHu, Yunze; Chen, Jiaao; Zhou, Kangjie; Gao, Han; Li, Yutong; Liu, ChangInformative Path Planning of Autonomous Vehicle for Parking Occupancy Estimation
1241MoP095A2617.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationKim, Seongyeon; Shin, JonghoOptimization-Based Path Planning Algorithm with Finite Traversable Area
1658MoP095A2617.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationChen, Zhan; YU, Zhuoping; Lu, Xiong; Tang, ChenDrive with Quantified Risk: A Probabilistic Approach for Occlusion-aware Trajectory Planning
1453MoP100E2710.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationBraining, Andreas; Nikolovski, Gjorgji; Reke, Michael; Ferrein, Alexander AntoineExtraction of Semantically Rich High-Definition Maps from Spatial Representations of an Open Pit Mine
260MoP100E2710.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationLin, Li; Zheng, Jiang YuUnderstanding Vehicle Interaction in Driving Video with Spatial-Temporal Deep Learning Network
284MoP100E2710.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationLi, Haichuan; LIGUO, ZHOU; Knoll, AloisSSN: Sequential Spatial Network for Collision Avoidance in Bird’s-Eye View
1269MoP100E2710.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationHeusel, Judith; del Alamo, Miguel; Baasch, Benjamin; Roth, MichaelOn the Use of Axle-Box Acceleration Data for Rail Vehicle Positioning
834MoP100E2710.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationLi, Tao; Ye, Shanding; Li, Ruihang; Fu, Yongjian; Pan, ZhijieTopology-aware Road Extraction via Multi-task Learning for Autonomous Driving
384MoP100E2710.00-11.30Motion Planning and NavigationSchier, Maximilian; Reinders, Christoph; Rosenhahn, BodoLearned Fourier Bases for Deep Set Feature Extractors in Automotive Reinforcement Learning
1376MoP110E2711.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationPang, Jinsong; Long, Tingting; Cui, Zhichao; Xu, Linhai; Li, Li; Zhang, ChiLearning from Not All Vehicles via Influence Function
433MoP110E2711.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationBi, Xin; Weng, Caien; Tong, Panpan; Zhang, Bo; Li, ZhichaoMEERL: Maximum Experience Entropy Reinforcement Learning Method for Navigation and Control of Automated Vehicles
209MoP110E2711.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationBouaziz, Youssef; royer, eric; Bresson, Guillaume; dhome, Michel DhomeLong-term localization with map compression based on solar information
327MoP110E2711.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationZhou, Huanyu; Lu, Shouyi; Zhuo, GuirongSelf-supervised 4-D Radar Odometry for Autonomous Vehicles
811MoP110E2711.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationCheng, Hao; LIU, Mengmeng; Chen, LinAn End-to-End Framework of Road User Detection, Tracking, and Prediction from Monocular Images
1649MoP110E2711.30-13.00Motion Planning and NavigationSharma, Ayush; Mehan, Yash; Dasu, Pradyumna; Garg, Sourav; Krishna, K MadhavaHierarchical Unsupervised Topological SLAM
93POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Guo, Youxing; Sun, Pengfei; Wang, Qingyuan; Li, ZhiAdaptive Terminal Sliding Mode Control for High-Speed Train Using Multibody Dynamics Model under Boundary Constraint
429MoP120E2715.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationLi, Shuoyuan; Wang, Guan; Xiao, Xiao; Xu, Zhenghao; Hu, Jia; Wang, HaoranEnabling Eco-Approach Where Signal Timing Is Unknown
521MoP120E2715.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationHalder, Patrick; Christ, Fabian; Althoff, MatthiasLexicographic Mixed-Integer Motion Planning with STL Constraints
1034MoP120E2715.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationFischer, Johannes; Steiner, Marlon; Tas, Omer Sahin; Stiller, ChristophSafe Reinforced Model Predictive Control (SRL-MPC): Improving MPC with RL for Motion Planning in Autonomous Driving
274MoP120E2715.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationZhang, Songyi; Jian, Zhiqiang; Zhan, Wei; Zheng, Nanning; Tomizuka, MasayoshiTime-Optimal Curvature Continuous Path to a Line for Robot Steering
1683MoP120E2715.00-16.30Motion Planning and NavigationLiu, Yuanzhi; Lu, Xiong; Tang, ChenTowards Driving and Parking Integration : An Holistic Planning Framework for Automated Valet Parking with Optimized Efficiency
176MoP130E2717.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationYin, Yunfei; Kou, Tingli; Ochieng, Nyambega; Bao, XianjianPASFLN: Positional Association and Semantic Fusion Learning Network for Traffic Object Detection
504MoP130E2717.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationLi, Zhuoren; Lu, Xiong; Leng, Bo; Xu, Puhang; Fu, ZhiqiangSafe Reinforcement Learning of Lane Change Decision Making with Risk-fused Constraint
844MoP130E2717.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationAxmann, Jeldrik; Zhang, Yimin; Brenner, ClausMaximum Consensus Localization using an Objective Function based on Helmert’s Point Error
1044MoP130E2717.00-18.00Motion Planning and NavigationZhang, Mingfang; Liu, Ying; Li, huajian; Wang, Li; Wang, PangweiAn Intention-Based Multi-Modal Trajectory Prediction Framework for Overtaking Maneuver
1681MoP145A2811.00-12.00Motion Planning and NavigationZhong, Yucong; Liu, Jianyi; Jian, Zhiqiang; Pang, Jinlong; Chen, ShitaoDVT-Tree: Dynamic Visible Topology Tree for Efficient Mapless Navigation in Maze Environments
1203MoP145A2811.00-12.00Motion Planning and NavigationTu, Chengen; Li, Zhuoren; Leng, Bo; Lu, XiongA Seamless Motion Planning Integrating Maneuver Decision Based on Hybrid Model Predictive Control
1377MoP145A2811.00-12.00Motion Planning and NavigationAbdeselam, Navil; Gutiérrez-Moreno, Rodrigo; López-Guillén, Elena; Barea, Rafael; Montiel-Marín, Santiago; Bergasa, Luis M.Hybrid MPC and Spline-based Controller for Lane Change Maneuvers in Autonomous Vehicles
1491MoP145A2811.00-12.00Motion Planning and NavigationTrumpp, Raphael; Büchner, Martin Alexander; Valada, Abhinav; Caccamo, MarcoEfficient Learning of Urban Driving Policies Using Bird’s-Eye-View State Representations
918NM015B2512.00-13.00Network ManagementYazici, Anil; Bargahi, Mahsa; Barati, HojjatRelationship between Criticality and Travel Time Reliability in Transportation Networks
1213NM015B2512.00-13.00Network ManagementGuojian, Zou; Fan, Jing; Wang, Wang; Ma, Changxi; Wang, Ting; Li, YeMulti-Task-Based Spatio-Temporal Generative Inference Network for Predicting the Highway Traffic Speed
1660NM015B2512.00-13.00Network ManagementGuojian, Zou; Wang, Ting; Wang, Wang; Fan, Jing; Li, YeHow to Accurately Predict Traffic Speed Using Simple Input Variables? A Novel Self-Supervised Spatio-Temporal Bilateral Learning Network
10NM015B2512.00-13.00Network ManagementPeng, Jiaheng; guan, tong; Liang, JunSpatial-Temporal Graph Discriminant AutoEncoder for Traffic Congestion Forecasting
21NM025B2514.00-15.30Network Managementguan, tong; Peng, Jiaheng; Liang, JunSpatial-Temporal Graph Multi-Gate Mixture-of-Expert Model for Traffic Prediction
206NM025B2514.00-15.30Network ManagementJoumaa, Agatha; Goatin, Paola; De Nunzio, GiovanniA Macroscopic Model for Multi-Modal Traffic Flow in Urban Networks
1472NM025B2514.00-15.30Network ManagementMousavizadeh, Omid; Keyvan-Ekbatani, MehdiRegional Transfer Flow Ratio Estimation in a Multi-reservoir Traffic System
120NM025B2514.00-15.30Network ManagementZhao, Fan; Wang, Yanhui; Wang, WenhaoIdentification of Critical Components of High-Speed Train Topology Network Under the Ice and Snow Scene
113NM025B2514.00-15.30Network ManagementHe, Zhichao; Wang, Yanhui; Jia, Limin; Xia, Weifu; Yan, Kai; Hao, YuchengRisk Identification Method for Urban Rail Transit System Considering Topology Structure
1112NM025B2514.00-15.30Network ManagementZhang, Yanqi; Bu, Bing; Fan, YingAn Optimized Method Based on Two-Layer PSO Algorithm for the Node Deployment of the Wireless Ad Hoc Network in Train Autonomous Circumambulation System
351NM035B2515.30-16.30Network ManagementTak, Hye-young; Kim, Sunghoon; Kim, Yeeun; Yeo, HwasooA Hybrid Model for Real-Time Traffic Prediction with Augmented Historical Data using Traffic Simulation
1202SM070C2810.00-11.00Simulation and ModellingLiu, Zehai; Yin, Jiateng; D’Ariano, Andrea; TANG, TaoVulnerability Assessment and Optimization of Urban Rail Systems Against Extreme Perturbations: An MIP-based Approach
910NM035B2515.30-16.30Network ManagementBeojone, Caio Vitor; Zhu, Pengbo; Sirmatel, Isik Ilber; Geroliminis, NikolasHierarchical Fleet Repositioning Control in Ride-hailing Systems
705NM035B2515.30-16.30Network ManagementWang, Ruoyu; zhou, huijuan; Zhang, Zundong; Song, Yajie; Liu, Xiao-mingTheoretical Validation of Pedestrian Flow Pattern Distribution in Hub Station Passenger Channel Networks based on Macroscopic Evolution Fundamental Diagram
666NM045B2517.00-18.00Network ManagementBrückner, Christoph; Patino Studencki, Lucila; Nan, Tianxiang; Büyükoglu, Atakan; Fischer, MichaelSimulation of Communication Network Latency Effects on Vehicle Teleoperation
1692NM045B2517.00-18.00Network ManagementOgawa, Daichi; Hato, EijiAdversarial Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Joint Behaviour Modeling in Bayesian Nash Networks
1416NM045B2517.00-18.00Network ManagementZhang, Yunfei; Ilic, Mario; Bogenberger, KlausA Novel Concept of Traffic Data Collection and Utilization: Autonomous Vehicles as a Sensor
142NM045B2517.00-18.00Network ManagementTang, Qianxue; Li, Dong; Ouyang, Zibo; Zheng, WeiDeep reinforcement learning method for POMDP based tram signal priority
159OPT011B2511.00-12.00Advanced Optimization TechniquesPerez Delgado, Iñigo; Garcia Markaida, Beatriz; Mata Ali, Alejandro; Moreno Fdz de Leceta, AitorQUBO Resolution of the Job Reassignment Problem
1320OPT011B2511.00-12.00Advanced Optimization TechniquesHe, Mingjia; Krishnakumari, Panchamy; Luo, Ding; Chen, JiaqiA Data-Driven Integrated Framework for Fast-Charging Facility Planning using Multi-Period Bi-Objective Optimization
609OPT011B2511.00-12.00Advanced Optimization TechniquesFu, Jiali; Bhatti, Harrison John; Eek, MagnusOptimization of Freight Charging Infrastructure Placement using Multiday Travel Data
1449OPT011B2511.00-12.00Advanced Optimization TechniquesXue, Chaozhong; Dong, Yongqi; Liu, Jiaqi; Liao, Yijun; Li, LingboDesign of the Reverse Logistics System for Medical Waste Recycling Part II: Route Optimization with Case Study under COVID-19 Pandemic
568OPT021B2512.00-13.00Advanced Optimization TechniquesLi, Chunchi; Wang, Yiwei; Lu, Qiuzi; Huang, Yuhao; Wang, Wei; Huang, YounengResearch on Strategy for Delay Recovery of Urban Rapid Rail Transit Trains Based on Coyote Optimization Algorithm
932OPT021B2512.00-13.00Advanced Optimization TechniquesMacias, Paula; Ahern, Zeke; Corry, Paul; Rabbani, Wahi; Paz, AlexanderAn optimization framework for crash data count models
952OPT021B2512.00-13.00Advanced Optimization TechniquesGarcia de Andoin, Mikel*; Bottarelli, Alberto; Schmitt, Sebastian; Oregi, Izaskun; Hauke, Philipp; Sanz, MikelFormulation of the Electric Vehicle Charging and Routing Problem for a Hybrid Quantum-Classical Search Space Reduction Heuristic
824OPT021B2512.00-13.00Advanced Optimization TechniquesSebastián V. Romero, Eneko Osaba*, Esther Villar-Rodriguez, Antón AslaSolving Logistic-Oriented Bin Packing Problems through a Hybrid Quantum-Classical Approach
971PLT015H2711.30-13.00Intelligent PlatooningSong, Lei; Ma, Xiaohan; Hashemi, Ehsan; Wang, HongA Defensive Motion Framework for Autonomous Platoon to Handle Cut-in Maneuvers
761PLT015H2711.30-13.00Intelligent PlatooningKarbasi, Amir Hossein; Xu, Mingsai; He, Haifeng; Budisa, Steven; Yang, Hao; Yang, CancanThe impact of truck platooning on traffic flow considering bridge safety index
329PLT015H2711.30-13.00Intelligent PlatooningBarghi Jond, HosseinControl of Vehicle Platoons with Collision Avoidance Using Noncooperative Differential Games
724PLT015H2711.30-13.00Intelligent Platooningde Haan, Redmer; van der Sande, Tom; Lefeber, ErjenObserver Based Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control for Heterogeneous Vehicle Platoons with Actuator Delay
1583PLT015H2711.30-13.00Intelligent PlatooningWei, Zhili; Xu, Chuan; Ozbay, Kaan; Yang, Yufeng; YANG, HONG; Zuo, Fan; Yang, Di; Fu, ChuanyunInvestigating Safety of Evasion Maneuver Choices by Human-Driven Vehicles in Response to High-Density Truck Platoons Near Freeway Diverging Areas
651PLT015H2711.30-13.00Intelligent PlatooningHoang, The AnhOptimal distributed signal control for platooning in connected vehicle networks
1469PLT025H2715.00-16.30Intelligent Platooningchah, badreddine; Lombard, Alexandre; Bkakria, Anis; ABBAS-TURKI, Abdeljalil; Yaich, RedaH3PC: Enhanced Security and Privacy-Preserving Platoon Construction Based on Fully Homomorphic Encryption
114PLT025H2715.00-16.30Intelligent PlatooningJIA, Shaocheng; Cai, Yuzhe; PEI, Xin; Yang, Zi; Wong, Wai; Wong, S.C.Exploitation of String Stability to Predict Disturbance-triggered Platoon Collisions in Mixed Traffic Comprising Automated and Conventional Vehicles
612PLT025H2715.00-16.30Intelligent PlatooningYang, Siwen; Xu, Yunwen; Li, DeweiTrajectory Optimization for Multi-lane Platoon Formation with Undefined Configurations
1329PLT025H2715.00-16.30Intelligent Platooningyang, lei; Liu, Yafei; Sun, Zhanbo; YAN, Qiruo; Qin, Ziye; Wang, XutingStability Analysis of Connected Automated Vehicle Platoon Controller under Unreliable Communication Conditions
1617PLT025H2715.00-16.30Intelligent PlatooningMa, Guoqi; Pagilla, Prabhakar Reddy; Darbha, SwaroopThe effect of signal noise and latency in communicated acceleration on time headway in vehicle platooning
246PLT025H2715.00-16.30Intelligent PlatooningGaagai, Ramzi; Horn, JoachimCooperative Adaptive Cruise Control of Heterogeneous Vehicle Platoons with Bidirectional Communication Using Artificial Potential Fields
876PLT035H2717.00-18.00Intelligent PlatooningMahmud, Shoaib; Carydis, Madeleine; Shams, Andalib; Day, ChristopherCalibration of Robertson’s Platoon Dispersion Model with Connected Vehicle Data
1543PLT035H2717.00-18.00Intelligent PlatooningJi, Junyi; Wang, Yanbing; Barbour, William; Work, DanielPlatoon Trajectory Reconstruction with Conflict Resolution Using Semidefinite Relaxation
1477PLT035H2717.00-18.00Intelligent PlatooningMousavi, Shima Sadat; somayeh bahrami, somayeh; Kouvelas, AnastasiosExpanding the Boundaries of Stability: Enlarging the Region of Attraction in Mixed Platoon Systems
1073PLT035H2717.00-18.00Intelligent PlatooningLi, Liyou; Lyu, Hao; Cheng, RongjunSTAdi-DMPC: A Trajectory Prediction Based Longitudinal Control of Connected and Automated Truck Platoon for Mixed Traffic Flow
691PORTS011B2514.00-15.00Ports and WaterwaysYang, Hexin; Huang, Yamin; Wen, Yuanqiao; Chen, Linying; Zhu, ManUnit-based Trajectory Planning Methods for MASS in Inland Waters
1606PORTS011B2514.00-15.00Ports and WaterwaysQiang, Huimin; Xie, Shiyuan; Guo, Zhiyuan; Peng, XiaodongSocialVessel: VAE-inspired Multi-Vessel Gated Recurrent Units for Vessel Trajectory Prediction in Port Areas
832PORTS011B2514.00-15.00Ports and WaterwaysZhang, Xiaocai; FU, xiuju; Xiao, Zhe; Xu, Haiyan; WEI, XIAOYANG; Koh, Jimmy; Ogawa, Daichi; Qin, ZhengPrediction of Vessel Arrival Time to Pilotage Area Using Multi-Data Fusion and Deep Learning
1613PORTS011B2514.00-15.00Ports and WaterwaysXin, Li; Yimei, ChenNumerical Simulation of Collision Avoidance Behavior of Typical Ships in Construction Channel of the Yangtze River
616POSTERHALL2615.00-16.30Poster session 2Stenger, David; Reuscher, Tim; Vallery, Heike; Abel, DirkVehicle Cabin Climate MPC Parameter Tuning Using Constrained Contextual Bayesian Optimization (C-CMES)
1186POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Davis, Teyah KaitlynMind the Gap: Addressing Inaccessibility on the London Underground
503POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Cheng, Zhang; Yang, Letian; Zeng, Lingqiu; cheng, jiqiang; Han, QingwenResearch on Congestion Control Method Based on Driving Risk Gaming
1485POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Chen, Xu; Wang, Yishi; Di, XuanWhose Attitudes Towards Transit Are Most Affected by Rising Subway Crimes in New York City?
255POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Tejada, Arturo; Legius, Michel; Kalose, Abhishek; Vieira Oliveira, Pedro Filipe; van Dam, Esra; Hogema, JeroenTowards a Practical Methodology for Defining Competent Driving
1369POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Villarreal, Taylor; Poudel, Bibek; Li, WeiziCan ChatGPT Enable ITS? The Case of Mixed Traffic Control via Reinforcement Learning
383POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Buchheit, Benedikt; Grün, Tobias; Schneider, Elena N.; Alayan, Mohamad; Strauss, Daniel J.Motion Sickness Prediction Based on Passenger’s Self Evaluation
306POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Teikmanis, Oskars; Levinskis, Aleksandrs; Mackus, Andris Ivars; Rušiņš, Artis; Elkenawy, Amr; Tropa, Marta; Greitans, ModrisAutomated Vehicle Platform with Connected Driving Capabilities
1569POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Jayawardana, Sanjula; Jayawardana, Vindula; Vidanage, Kaneeka; Wu, CathyMulti-behavior Learning for Socially Compatible Autonomous Driving
904SS095H2710.00-11.30SS09: Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven last-mile logisticsLi, Hongchen; Li, Junqi; An, lianhua; Zhang, Xianhong; Xu, Zhenghao; Hu, JiaA dispatching method for automated container terminals: What is next when precise execution is available?
296POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Gim, UJuRoad Condition Anomaly Detection using Self-Supervised Learning from Audio
660POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Zhang, Xiaofei; Xiao, Xin; Yang, Yingkai; Hao, Zhenmao; Li, Jun; WANG, HONGEEG Signal Analysis for Early Detection of Critical Road Events and Emergency Response in Autonomous Driving
681POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Pichen, Jürgen; Figalová, Nikol; Baumann, MartinCan’t Take My Eyes off You: Increasing Task Involvement in Cooperative Driving With Natural Habituated Interfaces
852POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Gankhuyag, Delgermaa; Olaverri-Monreal, CristinaNaturalistic Yielding Behavior of Drivers at an Unsignalized Intersection based on Survival Analysis
1459POSTERHALL2515.00-16.30Poster session 1Costa, Miguel; Marques, Manuel; Siebert, Felix Wilhelm; Lima Azevedo, Carlos; Moura, FilipeScoring Cycling Environments Perceived Safety using Pairwise Image Comparisons