Best Paper Award and Best Student Paper Award

The ITSC 2023 program commitee herein announces that a Best Student Paper Award and a Best Paper Award will be granted during the celebration of the conference. 

  • A short list of the best papers of each category (student and non-student) will be selected as per the reports and scores received by all submission during the peer-review process. Candidates to the best student paper award require that the corresponding author certifies his/her student status. These shortlists will be published on this website.
  • Authors of shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email, asking them:
    • To prepare and submit a one-page letter of nomination to the program committee (via, highlighting the strengths and unique contributions of their work to the ITS community.
    • To attend and present the work during the conference, so that the quality of their presentations will be part of the evaluation of their candidature for the awards.

The short list of nominees to the Best Paper Award/Best Student Paper Award is given below:

904Li, Hongchen; Li, Junqi; An, lianhua; Zhang, Xianhong; Xu, Zhenghao; Hu, JiaA dispatching method for automated container terminals: What is next when precise execution is available?
79Huang, Zhiyu; Liu, Haochen; Wu, Jingda; Huang, Wenhui; Lv, ChenLearning Interaction-Aware Motion Prediction Model for Decision-Making in Autonomous Driving
157Zhao, Tianci; Bai, Xue; Fang, Jianwu; Xue, JianruGated Driver Attention Predictor
398Kolff, Maurice; Venrooij, Joost; Schwienbacher, Markus; Pool, Daan Marinus; Mulder, MaxThe Importance of Kinematic Configurations for Motion Control of Driving Simulators
403Zimmer, Walter; Creß, Christian; Nguyen, Huu Tung; Knoll, AloisTUMTraf Intersection Dataset: All You Need for Urban 3D Camera-LiDAR Roadside Perception
564Hu, Xinghong; Wang, Qiang; Zhang, Wenqi; Xu, ChenRGMARL: Vehicle Dispatching Based on Road Information and Supply-Demand Distribution
831Huang, Yuzhu; Abdelhalim, Awad; Stewart, Anson; Zhao, Jinhua; Koutsopoulos, Haris N.Reconstructing Transit Vehicle Trajectory Using High-Resolution GPS Data
857Coretti Sanchez, Naroa; Mugica Gonzalez, Juan; Quinn, Bowers; Grignard, Arnaud; Castelló Ferrer, Eduardo; Alonso, Luis; Larson, KentUrban Mobility Swarms: towards a decentralized autonomous bicycle-sharing system
978Espadaler-Clapés, Jasso; Fonod, Robert; Barmpounakis, Emmanouil; Geroliminis, NikolasContinuous Monitoring of a Signalized Intersection Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
1039Schmidt, Jonathan; Khan, Qadeer; Cremers, DanielLiDAR View Synthesis for Robust Vehicle Navigation Without Expert Labels
1065Qiao, Siyao; WU, Jia; Ren, Yanyu; Yi, Chenglin; Ran, YunchuanCentralized Traffic Signal Control for Massive-Scale Heterogeneous Traffic Network via Deep Reinforcement Learning
1368Löwens, Christian; Thyssens, Daniela; Andersson, Emma; Jenkins, Christina; Schmidt-Thieme, LarsDeepStay: Stay Region Extraction from Location Trajectories using Weak Supervision
1448Samadi, Amir; Alipour Sormoli, Mohammadreza; Mozaffari, Sajjad; Koufos, Konstantinos; Dianati, Mehrdad; Woodman, RogerA Novel Deep Neural Network for Trajectory Prediction in Automated Vehicles Using Velocity Vector Field
1507Rahmani, Saeed; Neumann, Jan; Elbert Suryana, Lucas; Theunisse, Christiaan; Calvert, Simeon Craig; van Arem, BartA Bi-level Real-time Microsimulation Framework for Modeling Two-dimensional Vehicular Maneuvers at Intersections

The announcement of these awards will occur during the farewell ceremony of IEEE ITSC 2023.